Advanced livestream for radical humane civilization…

8 Mar

I just read this article and wanted to say a few words on the very near future of our world. Here is the article:

We will have very powerful computers built into eyeglasses. They will constantly share what they see around them. Almost everybody will have them. They will recognize and tag anybody they see and turn all the voices into text format instantly. All this video,voice and converted text will be online instantly. Almost all the world will be like this. You will see all the history of words and social relationships of any person in your eyeglass. There will be no secret and conspiracy. It will be advanced livestream for radical transparency.

I think as there is no secret and conspiracy there will be no crime and corruption. As everybody is radically connected there will be no abandoned persons. There will be no feeling of loneliness. There will be no oppressor or oppressed. As crime and brutality disappears there will be no need for government and its protection. It will be radical self-government.

We will be so connected and networked that there will be no need for silly competition. Radical social networking will turn all the world into one massive commune. There will be no corporations. There will be no haves and havenots.

Once we have such a peaceful radical livestream we will apply our cruelty free ways to all animals and earth. We will have total liberation in the world. Once we begin radical science with radical livestream we will know the secrets of cosmic quantum and transform emptiness of space into necessities for our world commune. We will build a humane space faring civilization.

As I wrote this stuff I cannot pass without a link to the origins of this destructive innovation of capitalist Google and its protective FBI. here is the link:

Sure enough, I must also mention the global mind concept to show where we are going. Here is the link:

Naturally there is a lot of people fighting against technology, but animals could survive only by using amazing technologies for millions of years. Here we go:

If you are really against use of tool which is primitive technology then you are to be a laughing stock for most animals. Take a look how animals use tools here:,

Total Revolution is to turn all public private space into available online networked data as free for masses!!!


5 Responses to “Advanced livestream for radical humane civilization…”

  1. Lissakrhumanelife March 12, 2013 at 3:07 am #


  2. harriet March 10, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    thanks batman

  3. itsbatmansilly March 8, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    its a nice dream, but sadly the core beliefs are wrong. tech won’t save us. hugging puppies won’t save us. google certainly wont save us. stop looking out for saviors and look within. besides saying live streaming will save us is akin to saying reality tv enhanced the arts. more voyeuristic possibilities don’t necessitate better morality. they tend instead to cater and debase the lowest common denominator. when there are more eyes, history has proven people will behave more cravenly to get the attention of those eyes. its not the vision that makes people behave better. its the spirit. we have plenty of eyes on us already.

    • harriet March 9, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

      methinks your post is too wordy, i think what you are saying is
      1) be the change you seek
      2) just livestreaming stuff isn’t gonna change the world
      3) livestreaming brings out the worse in people
      4) stop streaming, start acting, which is 1) in different words

      • itsbatmansilly March 9, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

        nah, my words were chosen in the way i meant. i don’t believe, for example, livestreaming brings out the worst in people, in fact it can serve a purpose for positive change. but it is a tiny tool, and one for the most part that has been misused, poorly used, and used with bad intentions. i also believe that focusing on any one method, such as tech toys, is foolish. the medium is NOT the message, and the message has been out for centuries. Sadly we have ignored the message, and the latest newest way to spread it is not going to solve anything.

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