Power to all species! Total revolution is here…

4 Feb

Signals will be bonded together. We will have guaranteed wireless data connection over all the wireless networks. Connection will be made over many available networks in the same time. So people will have true unlimited data connection.

We will have eyeglass with computers more powerful than today’s super computers. We will share everything we see and think instantly with everybody who are willing to see without any limit. We will be able to control our eyeglass sharing with eye and mind manipulation. We will hear with bone vibration in total privacy and speak with throat vibrations in the same secrecy.

We will be sharing all we see instantly with everybody and store these videos in many safe archives which cannot be deleted. We will not depend on corporations like google for search or store our archives. Storage will be so easy like we will be storing the universe into a single atom. Everybody will be safe from brutality behind the wall of secrecy. We will have total radical transparency protecting the truth forever.

People knowing the truth will be protected from any danger will join the protest against brutality. Many millions will come together everyday like global uprising and awakening forever. Cruelty will be eliminated and a humane civilization will be established by this awakening and nonstop uprising. Cruelty free life will be established for all species, humans, animals and ecosystem…


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