Total Compassion Revolution

17 Nov

Last 50,000 years, total number of humans died is less than 110 billions. However, humans murder trillion animals every year just for food. More murders continue for fur, leather, testing and other cruel reasons. This cruelty destroys ecosystems and social morality in the same time. This is global suicide. Broken ecobalance will eventually strike back. Self-correcting concept of universe will work. A pandemic disease will kill all humans.

However, if we all go vegan then humanity can make a peaceful smooth transition to quantum computer revolution which turn all universe into massive heaven and resurrect all dead back to life, all young and healthy.

Origin of murder, violence and war is animal hunting. Origin of exploitation, deception and oppression is animal domestication. War on animals is the oldest and biggest one. If we all go vegan we can save all animals, our healths, our peace and justice, and our planet.

I stood up for human rights all my life. I took part in the Occupy Wall Street from the beginning. I livestream for more than one year. Last two months I am vegan activist in Times Square, NYC.

I would love to meet you on my social media or in my daily vegan livestream all-in-one action in Times Square. If you google my name you will get all of my social media contacts (FB, twitter, wordpress, youtube, all media coverage) under recai iskender. You can also get my ustream live stream channel and watch it live or from archive and chat on the show if you google my channel name recaiiskender3. Please make online donations to my if you want to spend your money for the same cause.


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