Disgusting tyrant ows hypocrats!

20 Aug

Disgusting tyrant ows hypocrats!

Conservatives try to stop the change. They say what they do. There is no difference between tbeir word and action. This is so because there is no change. They are against the change. They defend the undefendable.
But progressives defend the change from bad to good. Problem is there is widespread hypocracy in progressive movements which is why we fail to change the world for better. Their words are all high ideals but their actions are all bad. They do totally different from what they preach. This is what hypocracy is about and it is very widespread in the left, progressive movement, especially in the ows.

I will give my own experiences to you. My ustream first channel recaiiskender is closed due to storage limit. Ows livestreamers benefit from activist concession from ustream so they can store as much as they want without fear. When I asked help to ows livestream community to benefit from same privilege I was left alone.

Then ustream closed my second channel recaiiskender2 due to my livestreaming topless protesters to fight gender equality for women. Then I asked ows livestream community to help me lift this ban. They did not support me. They said ustream is good and helping ows livestreamers and I should respect this ban. Then I told them ustream allows porn channels in its website then hypocrats said it is private company they can do whatever they want to me. Then Ows organized same kind of topless protest and livestreamed it and they all liked it and never thought it is hypocracy.

Ows and progressives protest police and corporate media abuses all the time. However, they discriminate, blacklist, intimidate and harass and assault me for my using freedom of speech from the beginning everyday since end of November. They have proved they have no respect to ideals of freedom of speech, non-aggression, nonviolence, equality and selfdefence as I experienced.

They attacked me so many times on the grounds that I let ows critics speak to my camera, or I donot shut down my camera and show ows guys assult to other ows critics.

Ows guys protest police not allowing them using sidewalk or any other space for that matter. But same ows guys assault or condone the assult to me saying I cant be on the public sidewalk or public space and livestream using my freedom of speech. They all say they fight for freedom of speech and protest police and media for attacking their freedom of speech. They protest that police does not permit freedom of speech to them and attack them for using it without permit. They all say they do not need permit for freedom of speech. But they argue, attack me and assult me for using my freedom of speech. They insist that I need their permit to livestream and I deserve all these if I do not respect their request. This is exactly same attitude they get from the police state. They impose a permit system on me to destroy my freedom of speech. Disgusting tyrants! They say this is the tyranny they are fighting but in fact this is exactly what they are and this is hypocrcy.


3 Responses to “Disgusting tyrant ows hypocrats!”

  1. ArtStarzz August 20, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    And come to my site and vote if you need help with your site i will help if i can .

  2. ArtStarzz August 20, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    The chats are changing . the chats use to be this way . there are some that think they are OWS they are not .Hang in there Rocky your channel is great .


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