Ows critics are control freak stalinists!

17 Aug

Interview with Yoni
Today I went to livestream to protest Britain for oppressing Julian Assange and I spoke with Yoni about critics from ows. I told him that those guys always ignored me since I started livestream 8 months ago. They hoped that I die away under police pressure in the zuccotti and union s. parks. As they see I am still here and going full fledging free independent revolutionary livestreamer they try to destroy my livestream in any way possible. I am using my human rights to voice my opinions. I am not anybody’s property or slave. Self critic is healthy as a regular shower. It is not self hate. Those guys always ignored me due to my freedom loving independent attitude to support the most oppressed people but they assaulted me in the trinity area and shut down their livestreams o hide their true faces. They violated ideals of freedom of speech and nonaggression right there and shut their livestreams or put the blame on me for it. They treated Tony balony as their leader as he led the assault!!!
I said today I supported pussy riot protest all the way but police massacre of 34 miners in south africa must become top priority now. Contrary to my efforts nobody seemed to change their focus from 2 years jail sentence to this horrific massacre and I want to critic this attitude. Animal cruelty protest and racist stop and frisk protests or antimuslim bigotry protests or homeless protests have more priority as they are in solidarity with animals and people who are in real danger of losing their lives all the time.


One Response to “Ows critics are control freak stalinists!”

  1. BeatDoctor August 18, 2012 at 12:46 am #

    I don’t know, but the first thought falling into my head is the fact that the shootings at the miners in S.Africa was too fresh news on them.
    The protest for Pussy Riot was already planned.

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