Livestream versus Marshal Law

12 Aug

Livestream versus Marshal Law
Yesterday was very busy. First I went to Harlem to livestream a town meeting at 11 am to protest stop and frisk which works like a pipeline to prison-industrial-financial complex designed by racist capitalist system to replace chattel slavery.Actually chattel slavery is still underway in this system. However I had to leave early to go to Chantel Davis vigil and rally in Brownsville part of Brooklyn at noon every week. So I told organizers that we should pay attention to a new york city protest calender and bring all actions together if possible.
When I was with Chantel Davis rally I was told that there is another rally to unite community with police. That is organized in the same manner in other parts of city by nypd. Remember when I finished livestreaming NDAA court case I saw that chinese event in the columbus park by mulbury street in Chinatown. The pastor who organized this rally was also involved with the hantel davis family. So as I saw him making speech to the family with his separate ray i asked him many times: why did not you join the family first? I hammered him with with the question but could get anything from this loud pastor. He organized his rally with cops and did not join with victim chantel”s family and came there with cops to preach to the family to unite with the racist killer system.
Then I went to another vigil rally for Danny Chan in Columbus park in Chinatown. By the way it is bad idea to give name of columbus to a park in chinatown. They should respect community about their lives espexially their parks! Anyways speakers said that Danny Chan refused a sholarship to go to private Baruch college, instead he chosed to go to war to kill terrorists. One chinese guy sitting on the bench next to me said “if they do not join the military who would protect America from muslims. They are terrorists!” So capitalist system works charms! Inside job 9/11 enrages racism and fuels to perpetual wars in an endless cycle.
Then I met Vanissa and we agreed that we protes organizers should follow an nyc protest calender and bring all rallies in one location as they all have same cause.
Then I went to occupy town square in astoria park. It was great community experience there. One of the rganizers drove me to the subway station and also helped me to purchase online ticket and gave a warm hug with nice farewell words for my trip.
Then I sent an email to Vanissa to apoligize for not able to join her own movie show. She is a documentary maker about human right abuses. Next time when I livestream her film you will know better about her.

I remember one guy from new jersey in the subway train yesterday. He asked where is everybody in the zuccotti park I said we have so many protests in the nyc that I cannot even be in all of them and we must bring them together. Mass psychology is so powerful that if we make all protests in one park other regular people already there also join your mass. Actually everybody I spoke about this agreed on it. We need utilize the nyc protest calender on the net and bring different protests together.

Then I femember one guy in the park asking me are you filming me? Then I said I am working for a revolution which lets all humans to tap the power of God. How is that? I do not even believe in God. Yes but I know that concepts works best to explain my vision. We need a new computation concept based on quantum physics. Basically we can turn every atom in the universe/space into one intelligent massive computer including our own atoms in our body. It will connect and communicate with super light/neutrino or even better better particles. We can even unite with multiverses and even create more universes if we need. As you see this is like tapping the God for a better world instead of using god to scare the humanity. Sure I support godly people for liberation theology and also sustainable renewable energy movement. But again we can do much better tban this. We can tap that god power which spins all massive universe like a toy fan can only dream. Comon guys. Do not be like primitive ancestors who looked at the wind power like a mysterious devil or god and did not know how to tap it. I am not saying my revolution is better than yours but please give me a break and hear it a little bit. Do not judge it with the current texhnology as all science and knowledge is oppressed by the real ruling class 1%. Remember what they did to Galileo. Same thing going on. Think why i get so much harassment in tbe ows and from the police state. Give me a chance and hear me please.
Now i am travelling to Manchester, New Hempshire to jail support for a journalist charged by police state for 21 years. You cannot kill an idea. You cannot kill knowledge. Yes you could delay it centuries but know we have livestream. Too bad it will be million times better, smaller and cheaper! We will win! In 5-10 years time you cannot even dream a marshal law as we the people will have much better livestream so widespread. We must support struggle for freedom of speech. So I ask your help to do this better. I need free room and meal and wifi to continue my campaign to fight for freedom of speech. Love and peace.


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