Police state dictators will never win!

10 Aug

Defending freedom of speech in the OWS. OWS general assembly took out the most marginalized people before the eviction. The reason was that these most oppressed people are not cool for corporate media so they must leave before any change in the system. OWS could unite with the most oppressed groups like homeless, ex-convicts, addicts, mentally ill etc. OWS suppressed and oppressed the freedom of speech of these marginalized peoples. We could do internal revolution first in ows by uniting with these groups, then taking this most powerful force into a global revolution. But we made a big mistake by acting like the capitalist system to oppress these groups and suppressing their freedom of speech. Ows became like the system we against. We turned against our own brothers and sisters just we expected approval from the system. This is why we are broken now. Where is everybody?
I am in this ows from the beginning everyday and livestreaming everyday for over 8 months. My main struggle in this is to change this marginalization into unification and revolution. So I pressed on the sour wound to make this revolution possible. Those leaders responded badly by discriminating and blacklisting my livestream. As I persisted on my struggle to make the change I got more and more attacks from inside as well as from nypd. In order to shut me up and down they need to stop me livestreaming. How? Easy. Just order me around not to livestream the public space by arguing I have to respect their request and privacy in the open public space. This is insane attack on freedom of speech with violence. Attacking freedom of speech is to continue from marginal groups to take me out by fake privacy argument. Ows committed suicide already by suppressing freedom of speech of marginal groups and now the same groups push hard to marginalized me by attacking my freedom of speech. All livestreamers and wanna be leaders support this lynching.
This cannot be real people with real issues. I am always with them all them. They embrace me as I embrace them. Then what is this? Is this infiltration we always talk about which always crushed previous movements and trapped so many activists and imprison them for cruel times as political prisoners. So is this how police state defend the system pitting people against real forces? Who is this person who orders me not to livestream her or him in the public space? Agent? Most likely yes. This is how infiltration works. They attack the freedom of speech in principle then they also keep away their faces and acts and words away from public review which is only way to uncover this infiltration. So attack our most cherished freedom of speech and protect police state infiltration in the same time. Ows, please wake up before you yell to wall street to wakeup.

Do not make same mistake saying some groups are not good for the image but just help and network all protests fighting against oppression. That is what I am doing now. Helping all protests to revolutionize our messed up world. Help me so we can make it possible. Please donate so I can continue to livetream with my ideals as free independent livestreamer.


5 Responses to “Police state dictators will never win!”

  1. uppity (@Uppity1) August 11, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    your first paragraph is one of the most powerful indictments of, and explanation for, the continued failed attempts at liberation, from all quarters, not just ows, but particularly so. “we could do internal revolution first” is a clarion call for radically re-assessing our relationship to social “norms”, our depth of compassion, and our trust in the insight of the dispossessed. “internal revolution” is what it will take for those of us who still enjoy some marginal inclusion in “the running world,” to unite with those who know intimately the underbelly of our relative comfort and security, the “true cost” of our luxury. like the song goes, “comes a time when the blind man says, don’t you see?” you see, recai. thanks for that. keep going.

  2. itsbatmansilly August 11, 2012 at 6:40 am #

    there is a lot of money to be made, and when you attack the brand, some see that money slip through their fingers. there is power to be had, and when you point out thier plots and lies they feel that power deplete. there are many many who dont want to admit these things, and will convince themselves of almost anything in order to keep their self delusion alive. its the same way the machine workd, and the same way most people sit in their comfortable cages, refusing to see the horror and oppression that goes on around them. the same way hard core religious right can attack homosexuality. the same way the politcal edges can attack each other, fighting to the death of their constitutients over a false ideal. occupiers are falling into this same trap as other brainwashed zombies have, like the good sheep the machine has trained us all to be in order to control us, keep us docile. its too bad they cannot be the constructive thinkers that humankind needs to free itself. but its a lucky thing we have people like you, recai, who are not afraid to speak the truth no matter how painful, who are not afraid to stand up and say this will not stand, to stand up for the most needy, the least powerful, and work every day of your life facing grave threats just to make the world a better place. its sad so many would rather fight for the image of their brand instead of for the people they claim to represent.

  3. Trixie79 (@cindylewis1) August 11, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    You have NYPD and OWS being mean to you everyday and I hope this comes to an end soon! I am grateful they have not discouraged you to the point that you walk away! Keep strong in your resolution to help make things in this world change for the better! Love ya<3

  4. Diana Smith August 10, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

    At the same time you marginalized your true friends without reason.

    • recai iskender August 11, 2012 at 12:44 am #

      I do not marginalize true friends because they are so hard to find, takes life time efforts to get. True friend is the friend you feel safe with.

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