My war against hypocrisy in ows!!!

9 Aug

Here are some facts about my fevolutionary livestream and ows.
I livestreamed every day since end of november nonstop usually extreme hours. First in zuccotti park then after 6 month anniversary of ows (sep17) I moved to union s.p. as more activity was expected there. So everything I said and did was recorded and seen by internet public. I basically argued that ows must embrace all victims of this unjust capitalist system. Any real movement must depend on the real force of the most oppressed peoples like homeless, prisoners, mentally ill, addicts, immigrants, etc. I criticked that ows refused them and lost its support from people. This argument is my main and nonstop argument for 8 months. This is why i get nonstop atacks from all police state and fakers.
Think about this. Some people show up at a general assembly meeting in zuccotti park. Almost all of them are new faces to me. One of them assaults my camera and then puts his ass to my camera to block my livestreaming. His name is justin stone and he thinks that I cannot livestream a public meeting in a public park!!! Then he starts mic check calling me a cop and filming people as a cop. Everybody there totally supports his mic check and they all attack my name all together. Streamer Casper also argues that I cannot livestream this public meeting in this public park. Ows is dead like this due to hypocrisy! Doing exactly opposite to own words. Ows always claim freedom of speech but openly assaults to me for using freedom of speech. Who can trust this hypocrisy?! All livestreamers cry and whine for freedom of speech all the time but when they see me being assaulted by Tony Balony the bottlecollecter for livetreaming all of freedom fighters there openly dance with joy so that Tony can finish his job perfectly. Hypocrisy killed ows. But global revolution is live and coming!!!


11 Responses to “My war against hypocrisy in ows!!!”

  1. itsbatmansilly August 10, 2012 at 2:44 am #

    As we have stated so many times, there are too many power hungry wannabe leaders of the movement, who do not care for either reform or revolution, but instead want a seat at the power bloc tables and to be able to dip their beaks in the trough of corruption and greed. and there are far too many faux activists sitting at home greedily watching every stream so that they feel they are part of a ‘community of good guys’ when in fact they are just sheep wearing a different color than last weeks ‘trend’. if you are not fighting actively and completely for the most needy among us, you are not doing enough. having fin marching for the right to use chalk in the streets is ‘so’ revolutionary. put that effort into overthrowing the system that oppresses, that creates the mental illness problem, that creates starvation and homelessnees, that creates a race of apathetic uninformed sheep happy in their golden cages. fuck the police, fuck the greedy thieves who coopted a movement, and fuck anyone who isn’t trying to overthrow the machine that has nearly destroyed the life and spirit of this world.

    • cantkillanidea August 10, 2012 at 10:55 am #

      Silly, silly Batman. Your participation in this mess has not gone unnoticed. Recai was fine until you started modding his channel and alienating good people. I wonder if you were behind the troll attack on Recai’s chat a few months ago that caused him to finally agree to have mods. You have encouraged him to do things that will only put him in danger. I’m not even in NYC and can see how your involvement and/or influence has changed how the people on the ground react to Recai. He had made a friend in “Tony” and after listening to you and your groupies call Tony a cop for weeks & weeks he finally believed it. You have trashed so many people and encouraged Recai to do the same. Now you wonder why he doesn’t have any support on the ground. You talk about faux activists & people sitting at home greedily watching streams… well what are you doing Silly Batman? You are not a friend to anyone. You are a fake. You enjoy having control over Recai’s social stream and you enjoy manipulating the situation. Who is power hungry Silly Batman?

      • itsbatmansilly August 10, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

        also, cocks

      • Trixie79 (@cindylewis1) August 10, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

        Batman is not the only mod in that room & he has not molded anything or had control over anything! He has only helped Recai by looking up actions that Recai asked about and being there to upload videos to you tube so they are safe and helping with many other things! Recai has a mind of his own and he does what he wants when he wants! Batman has only been his friend and a very good friend! As for the modding i mod in that room too and i have unbanned many people only to have them upset Recai again and have to be banned again! If someone comes onto a stream and starts saying things that upsets the streamer as a mod you ban them! If you want to chat in Recai’s stream don’t upset him and you will not be banned its as simple as that!

      • itsbatmansilly August 10, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

        yeah what she said lol. i cant believe you are so bored that you actually created a wordpress today just to post your bullshit here though. very noble, and way to stand by your beliefs lol

      • Trixie79 (@cindylewis1) August 10, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

        LOL i didn’t create a wordpress thing to post on here i am using my twitter it was very easy!

    • wiseold snail (@wiseoldsnail) August 10, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

      i call bs.

      you don’t have a monopoly on the definition of revolution, nor the list of tools for action. calling others ‘faux activists’ because people do things you don’t think are important only shows your own sense of self-importance. sowing division in a movement (exactly what you’re doing here) proves we’d be better off without you.

      i’d way rather be able to depend on those who, for whatever reasons, may not be able to be in the streets protesting, if i can count on folks to stay aware of what’s really happening, and do the work of informing others, even if it’s only by tweeting and reposting news on facebook. for every person who only does this, there are a hundred who may read what they post and get out into the streets, or step up to a city council, or face off a thug cop. for every person stuck at home (raising kids, disabled, rightfully afraid of losing the job that feeds their families, etc), the ability of all of us to communicate without taking risks only bolsters our numbers, even if some folks are never seen outside.

      it doesn’t only take being out in the streets to overthrow this fucked up system. the most effective tool we have are massive boycotts and direct trade. so far we’ve not accomplished that. anyone who doesn’t realize the value of every person deciding to boycott is not looking at the big picture.

      buy organic, do business only with those who operate in an equitable manner… direct trade of goods and services will save us. when we stop feeding the machine, the machine will be obsolete.

      any activity at all, especially legal actions which have been targeted by police (such as chalking), will bring people together. that comraderie, that experiencing of joy in the face of misery, will strengthen us … just as sharing meals strengthens us. quit with judging others. if people believe in the actions you organize, people will attend and support/participate. the ones who don’t may be doing other things just as valuable to the movement.

      nobody assigned you the job of judge. none of us want or need a judge of our actions. you are not the leader of this movement, nor it’s conscience.

      • itsbatmansilly August 10, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

        actually i call the faux activists faux activists. the ones stealing money. the ones trying to manipulate consensus for their backers. the ones who seek to subvert the movements for their PACs and adopted sons of kings who pay them to do so. the ones who want to sleep all day, hold a sign and get some free pizza and an ipod because its easier than begging in the park. the theory that anyone who protests is a good protester and every method is equally ‘good’ is absurd. but i agree 100% abot boycott. of both production and consumption. starving the machine is the only way we will destroy the machine. the apathetic masses have witnessed every atrocity in hi def comfort, and havent risen up. its not an awareness issue, its a comfort issue. if we starve the machine out, the alternatives will be far more appealing

  2. wiseold snail (@wiseoldsnail) August 9, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    this is not news . unfortunately there have been these folks, a self-proclaimed vanguard of this movement, putting themselves in positions of power over others … something this movement has risen up to fight against . what you’re saying is real and is occurring also in oakland . when someone of that small cadre decides they don’t like what someone else is doing, they effectively, and seemingly without any sense of shame, ostracize and round up a mob against that person to push them out of the movement . ows, oo, etc … no part is dead … but we need to continuously and repeatedly claim ownership of the movement and refuse to allow corporate media to portray these small groups of power hungry, abusive ‘activists’ as the forefront of this movement .

    those of us preventing foreclosures, standing up against police brutality, and feeding hungry folks are the true vanguard of this movement, and none of us need to feed our egos by putting our faces on tv or ousting others .

    in oakland there were also several people constantly arguing against ‘allowing’ houseless people to be part of the encampment (as if it makes sense for people with houses to camp on public property to make a political statement, but do exactly what is the status quo by disallowing those in need to have access to the safety, comraderie, and actual services, ie food and toilet, to participate by camping) … we won that battle and became the only encampment in the nation that was actively including houseless people . there were also some of those same few that were trying to shut the kitchen down and have it only feed ‘activists’ at certain times, effectively discriminating against truly hungry people in favor of feeding activists who could afford to feed themselves . we won that battle as well, and made history by doing so, while also participating as catalyst in the lives of many … helping people begin that transformation from lost street soul to powerful participants in one of the greatest uprisings in history .

    in oakland we lowered the crime rate in the zone around the encampment by 19% in a matter of weeks . we did that by being inclusive . i hope you don’t give up. you’re concern is real and not to be easily dismissed . it’s important to document and hold accountable all those calling ourselves occupants in this movement . it’s paramount that we adhere to principals of transparency and accountability .

  3. jordan c. August 9, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    thats bizarre, thanks for writing

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