Infiltrated ows may die but global revolution will never die!

9 Aug

Current reality is I get all the access to ustream media but zero or near-zero access to ows media. I have custom unlimited activist livestreamer account in ustream and utilize it to my max human capacity. However I feel like I was blacklisted by ows media. Moreover other streamers openly attack me or let their chatters attack me in their channels or they dance with joy as I was assaulted. All recorded. These livestreamers get full access to ows media. On the hourly basis I may be the maximum hours running livestreamer as an individual. However I am either totally blacklisted or ignored or under used. This is insane when you look at my dedication to revolution.
Reason for all this is because ows is not a real community like the one I livestreamed yesterday in the suny downstate Brooklyn hospital. They are real community and they live and work together for lifetime like 50 years or little less. There I received very nice welcome. In ows everybody is like a mystery which lets a massive police state infiltration. This is why ows is having hard time to get people for revolution. This explains why I get massive attacks from ows and I get full access to ustream media but almost nothing in ows media in regards with my dedication. Infiltration is our disease. I am against this infiltration not ows. Attacking this reality in ows media is attacking police state infiltration. Anti infiltration is not anti ows. You also confirmed that ows media is directing little donations to personal accounts.
Is it better that ows media is taking donations to personal account than that they are taking donations from soros? Which one is better? Stealing little donations from little people or big donations from big soros? I wish they took big money from soros and distribute it to poor people!!! This is infiltration too. Please help me fight the massive infiltration in ows defending freedom of speech not a massively infiltrated ows brand. Brands die but global revolution never dies.


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