Defending freedom of speech against Police state

9 Aug

My war is against hypocr. There are only two oprions: 1. ows stops whining about freedom of speech. 2. Ows respects to freedom of speech.
I totally respect privacy in the private space as livestreamer. A public place does not have any privacy restriction. Somebody”s fear from bosses or from the police cannot be an excuse to violate freedom of speech. I know what I am talking about here. I myself risk everything already by livestream, from jail to blacklisting for any opportunity. Which right is higher than freedom of speech? If you are afraid of your boss or persecution then do not come to protest space. I am not afraid that is why I am here. If I have to protect the freedom of speech from dictators in the public space then I take the heat. My streams speak for side and people will see hypocrites very soon.
My position is that if you are afraid of livetream have your meeting in a safe space. My answer to hypocrites is here: Do not come to the public space pretending you are fighting for freedom of speech and then try to impose your fear and violence on me to against my use of freedom of speech.
I will keep defending freedom of speech in the public space against all violaters police state or hypocrites.
Police state always attack freedom of speech no matter what in uniform or undercover. Then they want to keep their activity away from public view. Two birds with one attack: kill the freedom of speech principle and also keep away from public view. Two birds!!!


2 Responses to “Defending freedom of speech against Police state”

  1. Yuritchvic Putin August 9, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    You tell them Racaii. I stand with you on this every step of the way. It is almost like someone telling you that Occupy doesn’t stand with one thing but stands with another similar to it. To any occupier reading this… Get your head out of your ass and fight the real fight. Freedoms that your fellow Occupiers are also trying to keep from you. Telling you, “no you can’t do this, occupy doesn’t stand with that,” or “you can’t use the name of Occupy in whatever you wish.” Occupy is just a damned word. Does anyone own words? Hell no!!! or else I would be out of business. So leave Racaii alone and let him commit to his freedoms just like all of you!

    • itsbatmansilly August 11, 2012 at 6:41 am #

      well said

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