Do not distract with a church, fight owners of $35 trillions!!!

6 Aug

Call to OWS activists
Stop distracting attention from the owners of $35 trillions in offshore accounts to a church. It does not matter this is trinity church which has large real estates in New York. You cannot compare it to offshore rich. Trinity runs a school and other social services while offshore rich is pure robbers!
Too bad they did not let you camp in their parking lot you should outreach to the most oppressed people in NYC like homeless starving black, Hispanic and immigrant peoples. You refused to include homeless, mentally ill, addicts, and criminal population of NYC. You blamed them for your failures. You did not connect with the real people and real issues as they do not offer you the money and power. You refused real revolution and accused them for your failure.
Ok now stop fighting church and join the most oppressed people to fight to bring $35 trillions back to humanity!!!


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