I visited the Sikh temple as Sikhs are the most oppressed minority as victims of latest racist attack

6 Aug

The rich keeps its $35 trillion in offshore accounts and use police state to oppress people resulting in all kinds of social evils like powerty, homelessness, crime, addiction, mental disorder, human trafficking and slavery, racist attacks. They did this 9/11 inside job and blame muslims to start to perpetuate the war. As a result of 9/11 inside job and war on poor here and around the war brought us this latest attack on sikhs. Nypd makes another false promise to protect minprities from these racist atracks which are result of 1% oppression. I spoke with the sikh cultural center in Richmond Hill. They said they are targeted as their turbin looks like Usame bin Ladin Turbin. I told them we must get this $35 trillion and spend it for people to save the world and stop this senseless attacks. We agreed on that. Watch it please. Now i am back here in zuccotti park again and help ows people get off the hook of distraction with trinity church and focus on getting this $35 trillion back to people it belongs to.


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