Occupy was owned by garbage Adbusters!!!

2 Aug

Occupy wall street was started by a ad garbage Adbusters owned by a small time capitalist who gets funding from Soros the real 1%.
He says one thing does another. A typical hypocrite! He says a leaderless movement but he owns all occupy website and social media! He says revolution but he is deadly against homeless people.
He is supposed to fight for social justice but he is against the homeless. He is all for image design, nothing with real substance. He runs the show, he owns the social media. He controlled and suffocated the occupy. It is his not people’s. He owns it and Soros is behind him.
Inequality is here and people struggle in real life who Adbusters never cared. Now it is people not Adbusters we should pay attention. I will connect with real people with real struggles.
Read some here:


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