Some films of nypd harassing me as livestreamer

31 Jul

Hi I am working on some vids showing police harassment to my livestream efforts to show that nypd has a persistent pattern of action to harass me as a livestreamer.

Whiteshirt brooks:

On May 9 Cops bumping me all over for livestreaming trash gate on the night of may 8, tony targeted me to them for livestreaming the incident.u
Ustream removed them. Bumping happened before midnight eviction from following day of trash gate incident.

There are so many other cases of harassments but I am working a software bot to highlight them as a documentary. It may take a little time.
Best love…


One Response to “Some films of nypd harassing me as livestreamer”

  1. mickeymonopoly August 1, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    I logged in to your channel last night at exactly the same time Tony the phony was aggressively attacking you in the street and using Laura as a pawn to exert his oppressive actions against you as a free citizen journalist. I can’t tell you how disgusted I was by what unfolded before my eyes.
    And what was really alarming was the reactions of the phony occupiers in front of the bank. As I noticed there were other streamers there, the Angry Pacifist and Matt the Stopmotionsolo “rock star,” I looked to see the situation from each angle. The one streamer said, as you were being attacked by Tony, while Jay and Laura were shoving their hands in front of your camera, “now this is really entertaining, it’s like the kind of entertainment of watching a car wreck.” I don’t know anyone who would consider a car wreck, where people may be injured or killed, entertaining. What person is this that thinks this way. And he had the insensitivity to say something about doing the adult thing while all the time sitting there and berating you as this injustice by the police was being done to you. No empathy whatsoever, from these punks, who have little more than a gangbanger mentality…unbelievable.
    And the streamer Matt, streamed a very small portion of the attack and stopped (I guess that’s why he calls himself stopmotionsolo) saying it wasn’t worth streaming because it wasn’t “OWS related and irrelevant OWS.” And yet, he posts videos of his insipid guitar playing on his site which has nothing to do with OWS and everything to do with his vainglorious conceit. What a creep. If these are the types of human beings that think themselves at the forefront of social reform on a planet that’s dying more and more each day, I want nothing to do with them and their cliche driven cliques.
    The way Tony suddenly showed up with a camera and was taking photos is the same style and manner of the way the corrupt police film demonstrators–a kind of diversionary tactic. Photos taken under this guise serve only as a kind of idiotic diversionary tactic to add to the harassment…a recipe to bolster social injustice.
    You’re better off going to real events where people are struggling against the social injustices perpetrated upon them by the police state oligarchy and their henchmen. It’s not worth giving them the time of day or night. Be done with these dirty filthy fools and move on to real solid groups and actions that want to stand up for real justice. You don’t need them. Also when filming the last location of the night, the particular train station etc. The A or the B train, film it as if you’r going to that station and go to a different station. The New York streets at night are mean places.
    The whole setup is bigger than can be imaginable. Total transparency is a noble cause but don’t be naive or put yourself in danger because of your high ideals. They can used against you in the most heinous ways, as I’m sure you know. Just a few observations and thoughts. Be well and stay vital. Enjoyed your interview with native american brother the other night…here’s a link to what he said by the poet and activist thinker, John Trudell, that he had recited on your camera:

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