Who attacks livetream?!

30 Jul

Who attacks livestreamers ? Police state is known but also black block attacks us. Why? They argue nonviolence is a failure and violence is the only solution to this old system of violence we live in. So they live in this constant belief in violence and fear of police state, therefore attack livestream. They cater to the police state and do massive disservice to humanity.
Violence prevailed so far due to lack of transparency. If you attack livestream with this belief then you are perpetuating the evil violence in the world. Stop supporting violence and support livestream. Livestream builds transparency. When it becomes mega powerful it will build total transparency to save our world from this evil system of violence. Long live livetream! Long live transparency. Down with evil systems of violence in all sides! They all support the perpetuation of evil system of violence and oppression.


One Response to “Who attacks livetream?!”

  1. itsbatmansilly July 31, 2012 at 7:21 am #

    there are so many factions who claim to uphold the tenets of transparency and yet they conduct their dirty deals behind the cloak of secrecy. Whether its the few thieves trying to coopt OWS for profit and power, or the little cliques that want to eliminate all who dare criticize them by spreading lies and rumors, its a sad state of affairs for the so called activists for change. But thankfully there are people like you who stand up and live up to your ideals, teaching us all we must stand up with the courage of our convictions, no matter the cost, for eventual victory for humankind.

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