We can do with or without you!!!

28 Jul

Today was busy as usual. In the morning at the court support Noche Edward Diaz in Bronx Court House, white woman speaker from Bob Awaikian’s Revolutionary Communist Party assaulted me two times without reason and threatened me not to livetream. Noche is filming cops as cop watch to end the stop and frisk from nypd. So she orders me not film the people but only the cops. Everybody acts like cop here. She has violence and I have no support. Debra says honestly I witnessed her assault on you but please just ignore her.
Later I went to the FTP rally at 99 street on 3rd avenue and spoke with Jose and continued livestreaming the 6 white shirt cops and 4 undercovers together. One of undercovers walked right up to me stood first left side to me and behind me to intimidate me. While I was fighting his move with closeup livestreaming I realizes the all rally people disappeared without warning in a place like east Harlem which is worst with muggers and I carry a shinny iPad high in the air. My supporters did everything to get locations from the two livestreamers with no awail for a while. Then I happened to see a real life stop and frisk right on my way and I showed all the police brutality to a young black man. They put too much force on him and threw him on his face on the ground and tortured him by holding him high in the air by pulling his handcuffed hands up in the air like breaking his arms and shoulders. Then they shoved and punched him to get him into cop van. They also threatened me to go away but I got a lot of support from residents who yelled at cops and they shared their witness info on the livestream.. Then finally I got locations from livetreamers GPS and start chasing them like ghost in Harlem. Finally I got them and told them what happened and asked why.
Then I went to zuccotti and saw it all empty. I walked to trinity occupation and livestreamed a little. Nothing special, all same. When they get assaulted they need livetream otherwise fuck off.
Then I walked to Federal steps and found a group watching Stevies hollywood movies. Cannot believe that they do this instead of radical documentaries about movements. What a shame!!! Then this Tony the baloney jumped on me again accusing me to make a fake marriage. Then I told him he is an imposter, not a bottle collecter as he always claims to be and also asked him to talk about his own wife and life. Open your life Tony baloney. By the way I am not ugly like you Tony to pay for love which must be your only option and all you know. Then Laura yelled at me to shut up and she did not care Tony started all this. Why Laura supported Tony like this? Why Laura was taken to hospital from the highway by cops and put in the hospital where they let her sleep as much as she could and gave her bus tickets to come here? They donot let occupiers sleep and did not let me sleep more than two hours when i was in the hospital. They did not even give me a shirt in the hospital. She said she is talking to Lombardo at least two times a day!!! This is not news!!! She loves to chat with Lombardo two times a day at least but yells at me when I responded to a provocateur for self defense. But remember Tony also defended her when she cried under pressure from my supporters on the ss room. It was all about brownnosing the cops which made her cry with the comments from supporters. Now she is paying her due to Tony by yelling at me in front of all this group watching another Hollywood bullshit. Tony also complained to all loudly that I am not sitting close to holywood bullshit to watch it but sitting in back high on the stairs to film them all. He attacks my livestream now as if I am a cop but he always wanted to be on my livetream!!!


One Response to “We can do with or without you!!!”

  1. itsbatmansilly July 28, 2012 at 3:15 am #

    recai you are a true activist and a credit to us all. you do what needs to be done, no matter what threats you face or what lies are told about you. the simple truth is there are those who hate us becasue we tell the truth about fake activists, about those who use OWS to steal, and those who use the movement for their own purposes, not trying to change anything, just trying to get themselves a good position in the broken system. people like tony, who i believe to be a confidential informer for the pigs, will always attack what they are afraid of. and they are afraid of the truth, which you personify. know in your heart that many of us fight at your side, and love you for the man you are.

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