Livestreaming the ows list inside the nypd spy truck!!!

26 Jul

Yesterday, I was at farmworkers protest against chipotle restaurant at Broadway and East 17th street corner by union square park. They said they got contract signatured from McDonalds and Trader Joe to pay 1 cent more for each pound of produce to farm workers in Florida. Goal of this protest seems to turn people against chipotel and make them lose business and go bankrupt. That is fine and I like it. But then I noticed behind the window that people do not care and just sit inside behind the window and enjoy their food while protest is on. So I decided to livestream this people who are indifferent and disconnected to humanity so all world can see real issues. I walked inside and livestream from inside customers and outside protesters in the same screen. Then managers came on me and assaulted me while I was walking outside. Once I was outside some customers also assaulted me in front of protesters. Then protest organizers also ordered me to get out even tnough they knew I was the victim. Then finally the nypd pig sitting in his van came to me and ordered me to come back to talk with him. I put the camera to show his face then he charged me for assaulting people by filming them and warned me not to assault people like this. Filming is asaulting to this nypd cop. Only one women protester came to me and she said they do wrong to me. I love my supporter! Then, I was in coned uwual 1-2 union picket line at Irving place. I saw that union is sending orders to workers to go to picket line without providing them water. Around 10pm their water coolers were all empty. This woke me up to the solution. Union is ordering people around and starving people like the communist party was in Moscow. The solution is to pay everything necessary to occupy all the necessary locations to shut down the coned and the city and all country and even the world by turning the power of people against the 1%. Unions have tons of money and they are supposed to take care of their members in these days. I told the union members that I would stop ordering workers around and turn this main office location into an open air super luxury hotel. I would let the all city, all country, and all world come join the oppressed utility workers. I told workers they have all the power they need to get the power and dignity back from the oppressors. Workers liked my idea and thanked to me. We had mutual solidarity! Later night I went down to Trinity occupation and I livestream nypd cops staring at sleeping occupiers while toying their guns. One of them was on his cell phone which is against rules so he walked to me yelled at me like why are you filming. I saw an assault is underway so I yelled mic check so people know what is up. Occupiers laughed at me and one of them even yelled at me like why you waking up sleeping people. They all knew already I was assaulted. But some other occupiers came to thank me for filming the cops. Then a cop car drew up north to wrong direction on Broadway and made a uturn and parked right by occupiers. Many violations at once. First cops intimidate peaceful occupiers, who only use constitutional rights, with manacing stares and toying their guns. Second, they make private conversation on their cell phones and get paid overtime. Then third, trying to assault and yell to me as I film them. Fourth, they drive cop car in the wrong direction on Broadway. Fifth, they make an illegal uturn to put it by occupiers. While all this is on my livestream, Attorney Melissa Friedman popped up in the ss room saying I should not harrass the pigs with livestream as they can give hard time to occupiers. I said like everybody here I have my right to livestream too. Too bad if you do not like it. I am not your drone. Then I livestreamed outside and inside that nypd spying truck showing Ows on the list on the wall inside the truck. I said this is right thing to do but not befriending cops like some arrest record holders do in front of my camera. They love to chat and snitch with pigs but hate me for livetreaming against all oppression without permission. Like Shorty they love to go around and spread rumors that I am a cop.


One Response to “Livestreaming the ows list inside the nypd spy truck!!!”

  1. itsbatmansilly July 26, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    there will always be those who support you, and sadly those who have their own agenda and will try to silence us. some people dont want to change the world, they just want to assume a place of power in it, like the unions have and like the pacs like move on have, and like aaron and his political buddies trying to brand OWS are. but the power of the people who want change, for all humankind, for equality, for an end to oppression, will not be stopped. we demand a world where all are equally treated and able to live and love who they want, who are given food when they are hungry, a place to live when they are needy, clothes healthcare and education. the time where we need ‘jobs’ is over. now is the time we must all do what we love and ensure that our brothers and sisters, our biosphere, are all taken care of and nurtured. there is more than enough for all, and noone is afraid to put in the effort to make sure that noone goes without. we have enough to live in peace, we only need to take the first difficult steps to make sure it happens!

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