I love my true supporters!!!

25 Jul

When I livestream corruption I get attacks calling me cop or corporate security. Just yesterday I was at coned utility workers uwua local 1-2 rally at union square. Union presidents daughter was waving a big American flag. We talked. I said this flag stands for ruthless capitalism which locked you out altogether to the street. Later during the rally her father union president almost crashed my iPad camera hanging high on the top of my monopod as he deliberately swinged his union banner. Police stopped all car and pedestrian traffick on all Irving place from East 14th street. Coned corporate center ivory tower is right on Irving place corner with 14th street. Police already had barricades setup like cages on the sidewalks. Police always setup these cages and force people stay in them or walk away. So that no worker can really form a real picket line. You cannot even yell to scabes as police is watching cages with a menacing look. But yesterday union organizers took the job from police and ordered me and other cameramen. One of them was so pushy he said I cannot have monopod in the air and he will call cop on me. Union leaders made a lot of hot talk to fight the injustice but on the ground they are worst than pigs. Union leaders should come together and decide on civil disobedience against police messing with their freedom of movement and right to protest and build an effective picket line against coned. They prefer calling me cop but all disappeared in one quick moment together with pigs. The union leaders love to chat with pigs and help them out whatever they ask and wave capitalist flag but call me a cop when I livetream them. They also die to be on corporate media camera but call me a corporate security cameraman. Same strange things happen in the occupy too. This Shorty loves to chat with white shirt cop Brooks under livestream and spread rumors that I am a cop, but he was very shy last night when Brooks the cop was attacking sleeping occupiers in front of trinity church. Brooks the cop did not know how to snap to my ipad camera right there. Go learn it from the Brookfield security!!! I needed some help to make action planner for livestreaming and I think I got it finally. Mises D Kelly already invited me to chippotle action today at union square. You know it is always nice to have someone who watch my back and help livestreaming. So I thought Lady was great but I already had two major problems. First my viewers had disagreement saying she tried to control their freedom of speech about Tonys efforts to throw me to cops. She said they insulted her with this and my supporters can be CIA. Then yesterday as she was talking with a Jamaican women in the Coned rally, Lady said on camera that other Jamaican woman says nobody should work for free for livestream. The same jamaican women a bit later yelled at me that I must go back to Russia while Lady was standing besides. Later in the trinity incident a guy Lady was chatting long time said on camera that I must pay her back wages. Lady was just smiling to her. I renember that Lady was facilitating the general assembly meeting while justin stone was mic checking with everybody to denounce me for livetreaming. I also remember that Lady insisted that I must engage and answer to Tony as I told her that my channel supporters think Tony is not wort talking and we should leave him as he was loudly and agressively yelling at me to provoke me so that he can crash my ipad in front of all trinity occupy crowd. Lady does not defend me or rather gets me in trouble. I would love somebody to watch my back but like anybody else I hate to see that after Tony now Lady is getting me in trouble. I better stay away from extra trouble as I already had too much unwarranted trouble in all my life. Again I love my true sypporters!!!


One Response to “I love my true supporters!!!”

  1. mickeymonopoly July 26, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

    Don’t let yourself become a dumping ground or whipping post for other people’s frustrations and inability to deal with negative views that may have originally been aimed at them through whatever view or “lenses” they filter their own specific conditioning through, whether it be psychological, sociological, from the reaction that they receive via chat stream interactivity. Also chat streams can be toxic places at times, even if the people are good allies, things can go awry and misunderstandings can take place due to the limitation of expression through that format.
    Most of the time, people are caring and want to be of assistance as they sit in their panopticons of observation. They really do look out for you in a lot of ways. But, being human and subject to their own frustrations and desire concerning freedom and justice in all things, that frustration can be misconstrued and dumped onto each other and to you.Sharing and caring flips and becomes shaming and blaming and instead of openness, defensiveness takes place in the interaction. Don’t worry, one thing is for certain is that nothing is permanent and everything changes in the flux of it’s own experiential time.
    A skillful discernment regarding these things may make things a bit easier for you.(?) Hang in there. There are friends among us even though sometimes we ourselves are our own best enemies, if you know what i mean. LoL. Also, Americans tend to be a ” ‘centric ” in their views regarding intercultural understanding and things can get misunderstood in translation. Even though there is a multicultural milieu here, there is deeply ingrained elements of ethnocentrism, racism among the “natives” born here who speak the same language, go the similar institutions etc, that they try to overcome, but still within all these differences at the same time, when it comes to “foreigners” or aliens, whichever term one wishes to use, they tend to exhibit the peculiarity of Americocentrism. (I can’t think of any other term to use so, I’ll use Americocentrism) Americocentrism can be pathetically patronizing inter-culturally without really understanding the parameters of other cultures and while holding them up as interesting and quaint, in a provincial sense, ultimately like any tribe, will deem the “other” as inferior or outside the “values” of their own alientated cliques. Just a few thoughts. I like what you do. I don’t want to see you driven down and exhausted from misunderstood elements that will affect your activities, rather, I hope that all these struggles will contribute not only to our liberation, but to our understanding as how to continue to grow into skillful human beings throughout our lives. Peace brother.

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