Police accuses me for being a cop!!!

23 Jul

Today was strange. When I arrived at the jacson heights occupy town square meeting place I found Lady doing a mic check. She complained that occupiers are ignoring her and her friend who goes back and forth between jail and mental hospital. Lady herself was kept in bellvue mental hospital in forensic section with mad murderers for two months and nobody visited her in this time. Then she did not want go talk my livestream and also refused to walk with me along with the march to protest student debt. Then she told another lady that she is not complaining about racism in occupy.
March was fine but we did not get much support from people. Most people believe that you are fortunate to get loans to study anyways. There are most urgent problems with most unfortunate people. After march ended at plaza college I talked the security he said you should do this tomorrow as today we are closed and there is nobody around. Is it useless??? I asked the girl who does a lot of mic check but she thinks it does not matter as it is for community. But the community actually has worse problems than student debt. Homelessness, crime, addiction, prostition, joblessness, problems of immigrants etc. How come students who are fortunate to go to college are more important for occupy than immigrants who have no opportunity and no place to sleep???
Then I took it to union square and talked with four coned workers inside picket line cage. I told them this is not real picket line as they cannot even get close to scabes who walk in and out of the coned main office freely. This is fake show. Then I interview Sherman. He said government should not intervene in this kind of matters as labor is commodity and workers and bosses should settle their issues freely. They deregulate the capital but heavily regulate the workers. Everything must be equally deregulated. Workers must take over what belong to people. Then we finished our food and walked to observe the midnight eviction. They evicted the park as usual and poked sleeping Angel with cop boots while their cop car was on the sidewalk. After eviction they left the area. Then we went to trinity occupation which was growing fast. I spoke with some occupiers and urged them to politicise the homeless most unfortunate young people in the 15th street at union. Ellis also believes that they are the real force of revolution, not the middle class with student loans. Then Ed complained that police makes impossible to use restrooms during night and trinity stole its land from a pirate whose grave was fight there. They will march with his pirate flag to protest trinity. Sherman told him they should throw containers of their human waste to windows of trinity and to statue of Alexander Hamilton. Think about it!!!
Then we went to zuccotti where I saw two cop cars blocking broadway for fun talking like they own the city. They looked at me like they want to kill me. Then I walked inside the park and waited for pigs to come crash my iPad and or shoot me. Then we went to federal steps where I livestreamed a cop sleeping in his car. His u This is proof that krisfromfl is fake Occupier!!! His buddy came and intimidated me and also warned him about me. He started staring at me and then he moved his car two times as we also moved to see him inside his car. They called him with a loudspeaker out of his car then shined their cartop light to us. I also got a throll in the ss room saying he heard rumor that I was in the police station. Ok now I got you. Whoever accuses me for being a cop must be cop like this jackass!!! Then we took train to go home. Love and peace.


One Response to “Police accuses me for being a cop!!!”

  1. itsbatmansilly July 23, 2012 at 5:22 am #

    the ‘movement’ has become a machine, much like the corporate one that enslaves the world, much like the fake political parties that carry on the illusion of choice. While good honest people are fighting day in and day out for global equality, for compassion to help the hungry, heal the sick, those corrupt thieves within OWS have carved a niche for themselves. They organize fake marches for the privileged classes, in order to give their sheep busy work, so they feel they are ‘doing something’. They tag their name at the end of every actual action other groups take, in order to point to their donors and say ‘see we are a force too, so keep giving’. Meanwhile they alienate the poor, throw the homeless to the curb, and spend their time patting each other on the back and piling on to smash all dissent. Just like the political and corporate machines, they seek to control the dialog, frame the conversation, and market a brand.

    Good thing there are actual activists, like Jose with stop and frisk, like Recai, spreading the truth. There are many of us out there, working to do what needs to be done, working to create the alternative to this clusterfuck of inhumanity the corporations, and the greedy fake activists, have allowed the world to sink into.

    But we cannot judge Occupy by the actions of OWS. Contrary to its own opinion, nyc is not the main base of the occupation, but another corrupted facet of the problem. There are good, honest Occupiers across the planet, as well as other activists, that are fighting the good fight and neither looking for ego boosts or profit, simply a better world for all humankind.

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