Character assasination of most dedicated occupy livestreamer

22 Jul

We do not need general assembly power on us!!! I livestream everyday since the end of last November. I am most passionate abd dedicated occupy livestreamer. Yestaerday I was openly assaulted by Justin stone while I livestreamed a occupy general assembly in the zuccotti park. He pushed his ass to me and then he put up his back pack high to block my camera and then he made a mic check to assasinate my character as he laready yelled many other times “cops bought you iPad and stuff”. General assembly just made mic check for him and so everybody there participated in his attack to freedom of speech, to freedom of livestreaming a general assembly in the zuccotti park. This is why we do not need general assembly to be dictator on top of us, suppressing our fundemental rights, freedom of speech. Nobody did stop this attack or even cared to say much anything about it there except my dear followers on my livestream. They are the real occupiers. In the same general assembly, a young guy whom I never saw before in my life claimed who did not want to be on my camera claimed that I must be working for government to afford iPad for livestreaming!!! Fake occupiers who love chatting with cops for hours in front of my livestream spread these rumors arguing I must be cop to afford an iPad while they have most expensive MacBook pro etc in their bags. They can be cop friends with fanciest apple products in their bags!!! I never chatted with cops in my life and I livestreamed them against their desire when they forced themselselves into a conversation and tried to force me to turn off the camera. This is another police state tactic to discredit you which they tried during the the night when they smashed my iPad. Then as I walked from zuccotti to trinity occupation I met Tony trying to assasinate my character with lies. He claimed I spent my life in bellvue mental hospital. I never visited any mental doctor but believe that it is ok to be ill from this 1% system. Tony also claimed that I harrassed Laura and made her cry in my livestream which my viewers explained that she started crying as she was responding comments from viewers. Tony also claimed that I attacked to stopmotionsolo Matt in my livestream which is denied by Matt right in freedom cage a little bit later that night. Then he demanded apology for calling him a cop. I reminded him that he always caused disruption in my channel including when he took me to a bar to celebrate my birthday with occupymusician Elizabeth where he made me sit right accross a fake Occupier who assaulted me for livestreaming. Then after drinking a lot he forced me to go to bull statue guarded by cops. I refused that. All in all he caused a lot of disruptions and threw me to cops. During the trashgate livestream incident he tried to instigate the cop in question to turn on me and following day he tried to turn a lot of cops on me as he told them I made this livestream etc. Tony always claimed on camera that he makes his living from collecting bottles and cans. So I asked him to let me livestream as he is real and collecting bottles. That is totally free and independent work he would never risk losing for livestreaming a bit. As soon as I asked him this he stopped his assault and turned away fast. So this is the knock out from a livestreamee to his assasin. Then later he came to join the movie watch on the federal steps and asked Lady to answer to comments about himself but Lady said no to him. He left after a while.


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