Unions abandoned both occupy and picket lines

21 Jul

Unions abandoned both occupy and picket lines…
Brain washed occupiers argue that we must look good to corporate media and therefore refuse any homeless, mentally ill, addict and criminal to join occupy. I think this is suicide for occupy.
Root of all homelessness, mental disorder, addiction, and crime is only social inequality, nothing else. 1% robs and dominate 99% with government violence and corporate media propaganda. This patriarchal hierarchical social order is so sickening that produces all these unfortunate groups. Occupy must show its for these peoples and accept them with open arms and make them feel as full humans in our community. We must give them the cause to feel home, safe, full and energized to revolutionize the all world. Occupy cannot act like the 1% and refuse these people. We are the change and prove it by action. We cannot say we have no means and capacity to take care of these people and 1% must do this job as they are responsible from this destruction. Occupy cannot act like 1%. Occupy must be the change and start revolution within itself. Let homeless feel at home, let ill people feel cared and full, let addicts feel united and empowered, let criminals feel we are the justice they are seeking all their life. This is how occupy can become an alternative to this 1% system we are here to fight. That is the real revolution occupy needs. In the zuccotti park we had this camp with all groups like that. But some media lovers crazy to make cool image blocked this real revolution and refused these groups. They marginalized and accused and attavked them instead of revolutinize the camp. We lost them before the eviction. After the eviction occupy never cared for them. Image freaks destroyed revolution at the beginning. But still the inequality is still here as mighty as it ever was so we should start this all over. I see Bill is feeding the poor homeless occupiers in the trinity and he is left alone by the big labor unions in the city. Unions are not here since eviction. They do not really support their own picket line at main coed building the ivory tower at union square. Yesterday picket line was all empty and scabs were all free to work for the boss. We must end this shame. They abandoned occupy and picket lines together.


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