Livestreaming the police state…

20 Jul

Livestreaming the police state…
The police state is crushing the occupy in the darkness. Corporate media keeps it in the darkness. The only way for occupy is to arm with livestream. That is my first goal as a livestreamer. I believe that occupy will die in the darkness but will live healtily forever in the light of livestream.

During last midnight last Tuesday, I livestreamed the Brookfield security officer while he was playing computer game on his laptop in the Zuccotti Park. Brookfield owns the park and keeps bunch of security officers to evict occupy whenever there is an occupy meeting in the park. Their only job is to mess and hassle with occupy and order nypd police officers to do arrest and evict occupy. They do not care anything else. If there is no occupy at sight then they all spend their time playing games and having fun. So I livestream just to show this whole reality.
Tuesday midnight that security assaulted me to grab and rip my livestream iPad from its mount and monopod stick. He wrestled me hurting my hands and arms and phshing the end of stick to my belly scaring me to death. He ripped iPad from the mount and then smashed it to the ground and then kicked it like a football and attempted to kick it again but I grabbed it luckily.
As police arrived they refused to take our complaint as they accused that livestreaming against their wish is picking a fight therefore I deserved this assault. So we had to walk away from the park. I livestreamed everything as my friend Jose also streamed it to his phone and to post it in his Facebook page endstopandfrisk@Yahoo . Later police sent first a girl named Laura and then Kris to tell us that now they want to take our complaint and pay the damage. We were scared this was a trap but as Jose said he will stream this to his phone again we went back. Whiteshirt pig Sorenson was there with Sergeant Martinez who had refused to report our complaint. They said they will take my complaint but also take complaint from the security that my livestreaming was picking a fight which caused this assault. Then also pig sorenson decided that my iPad was fine and nothing to pay. Then he said bring receit for the damages.
Since than I received a lot of sinister attacks from fake occupiers who love chatting with the pigs and always threaten me and then snitching me to the pigs for livestreaming. Well known of these fake occupiers is known as Shorty. He spreads the ill rumors that I am a cop and this whole thing is a stage and I received money for this affair. Well again Shorty is Soo much into chatting with a pig named Brooks who assaulted me for my livestreaming and also snatched me to pigs at least two times, one time in the fitness show and another one accross wholefoods in union square. In the first one pig called me pervert for livestreming and in the second sergeant pig hit me and treathened me for troubles. Shorty was live for both instances. In another case Shorty intimidated me for livestreaming some wall street residents who asaulted the sleeping occupiers. Shorty argued that I cannot livestream those residents as they donot like it and I cannot be in front of their apartment buildings, he said that it is criminal staying in the wall street. All said to my livetreaming camera!!!


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