Livetream the actions at prisons!!!

16 Jul

Where is engine of social change? The most oppressed is the engine of the revolutionary change. The more oppressed the more you want to change the the world oppressing you. More oppression is the more reason to radicalize people. So as the force to change the world is in the most oppressed group of peoples anybody who want to change the wold must unite with those peoples. I think most.oppressed people are the majority of prison population and their families. The U.S. has the biggest prison population in the world and majority of it is black, brown, hispanic and immigrant peoples. Desire and force for social change alone are not enough to make the change. We need the necessary tool to show this reality to break the propaganda of the oppressive system. Our tool must defend the truth and force of the social change and fight back and break the propaganda of oppressive system. Livestream is our tool to do this never-ending revolution. The best action I saw so far in the occupy movement so far was the solidarity vigil action at one police plaza jailhouse at 150 park row. Occupiers supported the most oppressed people in the jails of the world and we livestreamed this. We must increase these actions and extend our actions beyond hectivists in the prison planet. We must use hectivists as symbols and reach out all the oppressed peoples in the prisons. We must livestream the truth to the world. A vigil against prisons has much more potention than a vigil in the wall street. We cannot find the most oppressed peoples in the wall street. They are in the prisons and being tortured as we speak now. The reason why occupy is weak at the moment is the fact that we lost our focus on the most oppressed peoples in the prisons. That is why we lost our force. Police brutality on occupiers outside is nothing compared to police brutality inside prisons. Focusing on the brutality on us but ignoring the major brutality inside prisons is massive hypocracy. This hypocracy will never take us to any revolution. Livestreamers taking part in this hypocracy also must wakeup to the truth. If you do not livestream the truth you are betraying the truth. You are totally in conflict with the ideal of livestream concept.


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