Live stream is ultimate destructive innovation…

30 Jun

Live stream is ultimate destructive innovation…
In all history, humanity dreamed for a universal peace and justice for all. Today 1% controls 90% global wealth and our dream is all the same.
We also know that violence reproduces violence, war reproduces war. So we cannot achieve our ideals of universal peace and universal justice by means of violence and war.
Marches of millions of people also failed to realize ideals of peace and justice. Reason is 1% controls media too as well as government.
Solution is live stream. Yes, it is primitive and owned by the 1%. Still 1% pushes it to us and improve it To make more money. So 1% wants to make it much more powerful and vive it to all humanity to make money and control us better.
Again they forget that live stream will become all one global concienceness. It will connect everybody so comfortably and powerfully with all knowledge innovation on your eyes that all humanity will be all equal and connected. We will be like parts of our body. We know very well that when one part of our body is hurt we cannot have fun but have to fight it altogether. Advanced live stream will connect all humanity so powerfully that humanity will advance into a one global mind which will fight against any evil as we fight to save our body parts. Therefore our global mind will transform 1% to 99% of the world.
This is why I demonstrate and live stream 24 hours everyday. I do 24/7. I do not support aimless stupid actions but show the right way to change the world. I know and already explained why it did not work until now and why live stream will work as 1% wants it for money too. It is unique. It is the ultimate destructive innovation. I know a lot of people out there do not see this and still insist on failed ways and try to discredit me but remember that nobody can stop time which always goee forward.


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