Aimless marches and my solution…

23 Jun

Aimless marches and my solution…
Student debt marches are middle class people. I think we should march for the poor not middle class. I hate to see those marchers stopping poor cabs and make them lose money. I also hate to see marchers abandon their comrades as police arrest them. They do not even care and they just keep marching and yelling. They go to times where rich hang out but not to poor neighbourhoods. They end up in dark and isolated parks instead of using a park like union s.p. I also hate to run and yell for someone I do not really know as they want to hide their history. I also do not want to follow those organizers in those marchers who snich me to pigs just for streaming. I also hate to see that marchers act like people in the street do not know about student loans. They know well and like marchers do not care about the real poor the rich also do not care about student loans.
Solution is total transparency which is only possible from bottom up livestreaming. It is primitive but it will be mega powerful and connect all humanity as one concienceness. That is why I do 24/7 livestreaming and work on coming up with a safe and quality livestreaming. Of course I can be wrong but at least I am not organizing people for my solution like marches and putting people at risk. Zero risk except attacks on me for demonstrating my solution. Again, I never stop marches I can even wave to them if I see them. Also If I am wrong they can always hold marches to save the world from my solution. If they think I really need help for my thinking again they can hold another march to help me. I prefer special one like doctor and nurse only march. Please make it wild and loud. Love and peace.


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