Why did occupy fail and what is alternative?

20 Jun

Why did occupy fail and what is alternative? It is failed because it reproduced the current old paradigm, system. Occupy.was and is exact copy of the old paradigm. It was not and is not a true alternative paradigm. It built exactly same paradigm in the zuccotti park or around the world. Protesters came with their culture copiee from this old paradigm. Their meetings, education, library and literature are all reproducing the old paradigm. Their ideals and even methods are copied from the old paradigm. They repressed alternative thinking with violence and deception like the old paradigm. They used livestream not to create a true altrrnative but to reproduce a copy of current paradigm, like corpoarate media. They use the alternative media as propaganda, not to create a true alternative paradigm. I try to demonstrate to the world that livestreaming is the alternative and is the future itself. It is primitive but it is the only means to create a true alternative concience, alternative paradigm. When it is mega super powerful and widespread to all humanity and hidden it will be able to create alternative paradigm in totally alternative means. It will be totally independent from the current paradigm. I believe in this alternative solution and I work for it 24/7 to show it is true alternative. So as I believe in this it is my priority to make more powerful, chepaper and safer so that it can spread to masses. First I must avoid attacks from people everyday. I get praises and attacks for it on daily basis. This is not helping it to be accepted by masses. I need to hide the camera to avoid atfacks. Envious people who hate my contraption keep attacking me by pretending tbat I am filming them in the open public park or street. It is like I am showing red sign to the wild bull to incite and attack me. I want to hide my camera in a Walkman. Walkman is here long time and was well accepted and never gets attacks. It can be a great cover to hide the canera the red sign from the bull. Second I must use a more powerful dedicated camera hidden inside a Walkman. Then I must reduce the cost of whole solution as much as possible. So I want to get a very cheap tablet which can be connected to the camera with a cable and work over the net with much cheaper $50 a month wife plan to do livestreaming. This solution will allow me to have a hidden and powerful and cheap alternative which can spread to masses easily. Today I am excited to seek to implement my alternative solution. Do not whine but just be the change yourself.


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