We set the trend for eyestreaming!

15 Jun

I livestream everyday for the last six months. I am livestreaming 24/7 now for eyestreaming. I want to get a camera on eyeglasses transmitting live video over Bluetooth. I think google project eyeglasses prototype is super for my trend-setting. I need to get a google eyeglases for 24/7 eyestreaming! You see what I see! This is the concept that my trend is based on. When everybody sees what everybody sees it will unite the global conscience. Currently humanity is divided into million parts. Eyestreaming will become super powerful and awailable for all seven billion humans which will unite all humanity as one. As everyone begins to see what anyone sees humanity will become all like children as twin brothers and sisters. All reasons to compete will go away and everybody will begin to cooperate as one. After google eyeglases comes contact lenses. Then implants for sharing and caring.Follow my channel for details please.


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