Livestreaming for Infinity…

12 Jun

Biggest crime against humanity is governments. They protect the 1% so 99% can be oppressed and exploited. Once we get rid of governments around the world humanity will be free from crime and exploitation.
So what is the best way to fight for this goal. I think it is livestreaming. Now it is very primitive, but I demonstrate it everyday for last 6 months. Livestreaming will be super powerful and invisable. Now Google is coming with project glass which is a eye wear smart phone. It will become contact lenses with super powerful imaging and connecting. This concept will revolutionize everything we know today. Concept of secrecy will be gone forever. Without secrecy no crimes and violence will be possible. Humanity will be connected as all one. All borders and authorities will be gone. Humanity will get the ultimate harmony and a new science will be possible. Eveything you can imagine will be available. No evils will be possible as all humanity will be connected as indivisable whole one. We will be united as a global conscience, a one global mind. Hurting one another will be like committing suicide or selfhurting by the global one. New science will make it possible to be one with all universes and dimentions out there in the space. We will be all infinite united as one as living with endless life and love in peace and harmony. Livestream is the means to fight for this future.


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