Anarchist literature table…

11 Jun

Anarchist literature table…
Anarchy is an emerging idea which was totally unknown until recently. In my youth, all we knew was Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism. Anarchy was totally omitted in the literature.
I was totally against the repressive Soviet regime and was targeted for that all my life. First, I was persecuted in my junior high school by the principal and his budies the Prosecuter and the judge under the leftist Ecevit government before the 1980 military takeover in Turkey. The military junta secretly blaclisted me all my life which was used by both the military snd the marxists in my college and in the Foreign Ministry to victimize me in my diplomatic career until I came to the US in 2000. After that the same elements still targeted me for my passport renewal even though the goveenment in Turkey is islamic capitalist one.

I found the anarchy literature table in the zuccotti park occupy encampment extremely useful. Their stuff is getting even better and it is all free. They do not even put a donation box.
I really think that if I knew how anarchy is all for total freedom and universal justice and against the autoritarian communism I would be a true anarchist when I was younger. I still believe that I can spend rest of my life for this beautiful ideal as a livestreamer hopefully.
However, I must say that people at the anarchy literature table are very indifferrent to the daily midnight eviction in the union square park. They are not connected with other occupy issues in general even if some regular occupy people are helping to the anarchy table.
Tonight it was all usual same with anarchy table before, during and after the eviction. However, because there was a lot of attention by black people to the table NYPD captain Brooks and two park police made the table to evict. So after so many weeks they became part of the eviction to which they seemed totally indifferent so far.
I hope this action will make them more connected to the daily eviction of occupy by cops. They have to stop acting like they have nothing to do with occupy or they are not part of the occupy.


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