Livestreamer Matt Brownnoses

10 Jun

Livestreamer Matt Brownnoses to the cops after he calls me for help!!!
Today I livestreamed non-stop from 6pm until 11.30pm in Union Square Park. Then I went down to the Trinity Church to support occupiers by livestreaming. While sitting by the sidewalk in front of the Trinity and livestreaming the small group of occupiers Matt the stopmotionsolo came in a rush. Matt was asking our support to another group in the nearby Zuccotti Park who were harassed by nypd cops. I joined Matt with Fatima and two more occupiers. In the Zuccotti Park as we reached the group Matt the stopmotionsolo asked the cops if everything was ok and as cops said all is ok then he asked cops permission for me to livestream. He said he is not livestreaming himself. This was very shocking for me. I was asked for help many times and left by myself as I was attacked due to my livestreaming to help the people who asked for it. But here it is first time that I witnessed another livestreamer and Occupier asking cops permission to do something he asked me to do. If cops said no and I would have no choice but stop livetreaming or leave the area. I never expeeienced this much brownnosing from another livestreamer Occupier to cops especially when I was called for help against the same cops. Way too much to handle for me so I left after a bit.


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