Occupy is pushed into this hypocracy trap!!!

7 Jun

Occupy is pushed into this hypocracy trap!!!

Hi everybody. I got to my bed. I want to talk about the march I livestreamed till 1 am.
March was for solidarity for Quebec student strike.
It started at 8pm from Washington square park. Occupy people hang around more in union square park. It would be better to start it from the union. Because sometimes even if we go to.Washington square for march they cancel it. Knowing that chance I prefer staying in the union. Another reason is that even if I was invited to livetream the march some guys want to stop my livestreaming. Their reason is to hide the route of the march. That is so idiotic as it is always 8pm regular march and infiltrators and undercovers are always know it. Infiltrators actually lead the marches.
My other observation is that marchers never show any solidarity with the fallen comrades who were arrested by cops for stupid excuses. This is a solidarity march and it is very hearth-breaking to see that nobody even cares and yell to cops.
Then lastly the march ends in the times square which is the most expensive shopping center of the world. If marchers go there it is obvious message to the world that you want to unite with the people with deepest pockets. If you want to build another world then this is worst spot to go to. 1% destroys the people and the earth and occupy is to reverse this by building alternative system. Most destroyed people are the homeless, criminals and mentally ills. 1% destroys and dumps these most unfortunate humans. We must connect and embrace them to prove that we are real, not hypocrats. Going to times square all the time proves that we are trying to embrace with the most fortunate people. This is especiall ironic as occupy rejected to invoove with the most unfortunate people in the zuccotti park when it had so much money and power. There is a consistent trend here. Occupy claims it is fighting for another world is possible but all it does is trying to get close to unite with the most fortunate class. This is total hypocracy and explains why occupy is bleeding so badly.
We should march to the biggest homeless shelters, biggest jails, biggest mental hospitals and biggest crowded earth destruction spots.
Who is planning and deciding all these marches to unite with the most fortunate class but exclude the most unfortunate class?! Who traps us into this crazy hypocrisy?!
There is this massive government spy program going on to corrupt and destroy occupy from within. Is this how they infiltrate and trap us into a total loser? Think about it again and again please.


One Response to “Occupy is pushed into this hypocracy trap!!!”

  1. itsbatmansilly June 7, 2012 at 6:42 pm #

    i agree with you that there has been a subversion of much of the so called leadership at occupy, at least those with the loudest voices and biggest cliques. But i think marching to times square is the same thing they have been doing. We occupy Wall Street, but dont look to partner with wall st. We march to banks, and arent looking to team up with banks. We march to times square, and shout in the face of the devil we oppose, and sometimes it just feels good. But i do agree that we have been waylaid by a few who want to turn occupy into their umm occupation. those who dont want to solve the problems, just keep fighting them enough to make a career out of it. Much like the pharms dont want to cure you, just keep you sick enough to keep taking their medicine

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