Ustream attacks on human rights!!!

6 Jun

1. My vids  showing nypd harassment during my interview about my nypd trashgate video are deleted by ustream secretly. Never got any answer from them.
2. My channel recaiiskender2 was banned with thousands of occupy only  vids in it. Their excuse is nudity but it is false because it is only about gender equality protester women telling to my camera that they should be equal to men in shirtlessness. Period!!! If shirtleee men are nude then shirtless women are nude too.Neither is nude. So there is no nudity in my vid. Still all channel is banned. Free speech is repressed. By the way, ustream has tons of channels doing hardcore porn only vids and ads in ustream website. Super hypocracy and
3. Side note: Bambuser also deleted a vid showing nypd captain brooks assulting me. But they put it back as I complained. Their excuse is it was flagged!!! 


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