Hypocracy is the occupy poison!!!

6 Jun

Hypocracy is doing different from what you say. It is why occupy came to a standstill. Occupy is a social and economic justice and equality movement. Occupy targets wall street 1% for stealing and impoverishing 99%. We are unfortunate 99%. The winner 1% robbed us all. Lets get even with 1%. Ok it was sweeping the world, but then before the eviction occupy decided to exculude the most unfortunate parts of society. Occupy did not want homeless, criminals and mentally ill people in the Zuccotti Park encampment. OWS General Assembly made everything possible to evict the most unfortunate from the park. They preached for the unfortunate peoples around the world, but they wanted to evict those most unfortunate people from the encampment. These hypocrats started a big divisive infighting within occupy. Most fortunate occupiers turned against most unfortunate occupiers! They argued that nypd told those unfortunate people to join and to disrupt the occupy.
Occupy missed a super opportunity to build an alternative world which do not produce fortunate and unfortunate peoples. Another world which is based on sharing, caring and solidarity. But not on casino type gambling. General Assembly refused to share and care for unfortunate people in the park. But occupiers kicked and screamed to the 1% for not sharing and caring for the people. We accused 1% for something we refused to do. It is in the general assembly decision minutes. Even yesterday Harriet posted a comment to my blog where she blamed nypd for telling those homeless, criminals and mentally ills to come to the zuccotti park. I met and debated so many occupiers about this issue since the beginning. You can find my strugle in my livestream video archives.
It is still main obstacle for the occupy. Hypocrats always argue that occupy is not a handout charity for those unfortunate people. They argue we do not have enough resources to help those. They think it is way smarter to yell at the 1% and even at the nypd in fuck the police marches. It is a release of frustration. It is a blame game. It is also a fact that political movements put millions in the streets in the past but they produce nothing. Due to same hypocracy. Millions catered to a system while yelling at the same system. Occupy missed a great opportunity due to same hypocracy.


2 Responses to “Hypocracy is the occupy poison!!!”

  1. itsbatmansilly June 6, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    http://www.adbusters.org/blogs/adbusters-blog/flash-encampments.html is a very interesting article about how occupy may have lost its way due to egos and such, and how it can find the way again through flash occupations springing up to provide an alternative.

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