Remember how occupy started!!!

5 Jun

Remember how occupy started!!!
Occupy started as a few people occupied in the zuccotti park. Then supporters came with more and more donations. That free more people and more donations. But all started by people who occupied. Then government evicted it and infiltrated into wide open Ows and manipulated it away from the zuccotti park. Their argument was and still is that tents are gone and open tables for food, clothes and books are not allowed. So we should abandon it and run other million places to meet or protest.
First of all there was donations and no tent or open tables in the beginning. People took all pains to stick together first. Later donations and tables and then lastly tents came. After the evictions I tried to resist to the abondanment of the occupy zuccotti but government infiltration was too powerfull.
We could easilly beat the eviction.
We did not need open tables. We could easily sneak in with wrapped food, cloths or books in our pockets or under our jackets and demonstrate it to people as single piece. There were a few people who persisted to occupy on a 24/7 basis, including myself as livestreaming on daily basis. But as I said the infiltrated occupy bodies never wanted to support this occupation. They fought to kill it. They hijacked the all resources and argued that if you want to continue to occupy like this then you must do it from your own pocket, because this is not a handout charity organization. Go look at my archives to see these people. I documented them everyday.
I still fight for the same cause and people still attack me. They consistently argue that this is not a handout charity and we should organize protests instead of caring and sharing with people. They do not want to look at the facts showing how this started. They want to disperse people running around the city and making meetings how to organize running and screaming. Remember even million people march has to produce nothing but only a release of frustration like a masturbation. The real deal is in the hard proof in our hand. People will have no respect and give donations and support without hard proof always in our side. Like in the zuccotti park before the eviction. Abandonment after the eviction brought the current weakness.


2 Responses to “Remember how occupy started!!!”

  1. harriet June 5, 2012 at 6:37 am #

    not factually true, occupy started after months of planning, On September 17, more than a 1000 people marched, and settled in Zuccotti Park after trying several other places. There was no push back against them because Zuccotti Park is a privately owned public space and the police had no legal grounds to eject people. Zuccotti’s owners, who were unaware of what was going on, also had no legal grounds to eject people, Occupy by happenstance fell into a legal black hole. Shear luck. As for tis development, Occupy became an autonomous free zone, which was beautiful, but depended on a large amount of support from the outside community for money, food, protection from the NYPD. It worked, for a while, but there was no way it could continue. They don’t own the land, the NYPD figured out how to eject the people, they flooded the park with homeless, criminals, and mentally illl, while the rich made up stories of how fifthly and it was. that give the excuse to raid and evict. There was no chance it could survive, the money coming in came from donations of people who visited Zuccotti, supplies from people who liked occupy from seeing it on TV and net, without a physical anchor, there was no $, no community of people getting together. Money was wasted on housing, food, metrocards. But no $ was coming it. There is no way in Manhattan to set up a new occupation at this time, it was attempted four times, on December 17th, New Years Eve , St. Paddy’s day and May Day, They never had enough people willing to stay and the NYPD had gotten stronger while Occupy had gotten weaker. It was impossible to re-establish in Zuccotii, it was tried, The push back was to much, the weather too cold, occupiers who were staying there were to wounded, part time occupiers were meeting else in the cold, media stopped paying attention.

    But Occupy as a movement lives on, not as large, not as strong, but there’s meetings, working groups planning stuff, they have a network of farms, are working on a national back, The people at union square a very very small part if it, the occupiers at union are a very small part of it most are just tools, the ‘real’ occupiers live elsewhere. Union square was never intended to be a new occupation, it was a a temporary spot to keep people to gather after the raid on St. Paddy’s day, a place to be until May Day.

    • recai iskender June 5, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

      Thanks a million Harriet for comment. 1. There was no tent in the beginning. 2. Nypd protects private property first thing. 3. Nobody supported a few occupiers after the eviction all winter. 4. Did you ever speak with those few occupiers during winter? 5. Resources were channeled away from the few occupiers to favour those away from zuccotti. 6. Occupy is for another world which does not dump the most unfortunate homeless, criminals and mentally or bodily ill. It was greatest opportunity for occupy to connect and become alternative world. Please stop thinking like an elitist and supporting classist racist attitude. This is the occupy disease.

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