Protests will always be futile unless we build alternative world!!!

4 Jun

In the past millions protested for peace and social-economic justice. All failed. Look at the current situation for proof. Noone seems to think why is this and what is the solution? Reason is that capitalism cannot exist without oppression and explotation and war to continue to do so. People seem to fight the results but save their roots. People fight crime same way and ignore the social roots of crime. We are so brainwashed. Same happens with social economic injustices and war. The root is here in all of us. Lets look at the mirror. We protest in millions and blame these to the 1% rich and their slave government. But we ignore the fact that we are the real reason to continue this system. We are 99% and we reproduce this system. We man the wars and all explotative work. Without 99% this system cannot continue. We all know this deep inside us, but we tend to blame the 1% instead of building that alternative system without oppression and violence. Occupy did this alternative world work in the zuccotti park for two months untill the main eviction in the middle of November. We did this under massive government spy and corruption program to protect the 1%. After the eviction the government hijacked all occupy decision making positions and killed that alternative world work. They pushed the occupy people to protest spin. That makes occupy another futile movement in the history. We have to build alternative world if we want to take back respect from the 99% people. If this system runs with your cooperation and you do not even worry about building a better one as a proof of your seriousness then your protests will certainly be disregarded by 99%. Whole protest will be futile as all happened before.


2 Responses to “Protests will always be futile unless we build alternative world!!!”

  1. itsbatmansilly June 4, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Well said. The meaning behind even the name Occupy was that we actually occupied, took over, a space, and created a new world within it as an alternative to the corrupt one outside. Of course they knocked down our tents, But they cannot take our dreams unless we allow them to. We cannot fall prey to the endless cycle of just another group shouting at a wall. We have to provide real alternatives, so that people can see that yes a better world is indeed possible. And this will take sacrifice. And struggle. But with strength and commitment, we can overcome anything.

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