Please support me against ustream discrimination! Pic…

29 May

Hi I believe that our world is totally corrupted and we need total transparency to fight this. Livestream is only avsilable means for total tranparency. When livestream becomes super powerfull and super cheap then everybody will have many hidden livestreams with endless free connection and storage. This way we humans will actually become all connected one and totally transparent and make all decisions collectively in transparency.
I demonstrate this on my chest everyday all day for last six months.
I truely believe that you have to deminstrate what you are preaching. If you are running around the streets and screaming another world possible, but failing to demonstrate that wonderful world on the ground you are angering people a lot. They will hate you so badly that they will impose martial law for this. This happens all around the world past and present.
Occupy must be very carefull. There is extremely delicate balance between building another world and demonstrating it to people. You cannot have it and hide it. It will be destroyed in isolation. You cannot run around and scream like you have it but actually you have nothing in your hand on the ground. It has to be both at the same time simultaneously.
We had it both in the zuccotti park before the eviction. We lost this balance after the eviction in the middle of November. I am trying to point to this fact for the last six months in my livestream. But unfortunately as 1% and its tool government spy massively to corrupt occupy I was totally marginalized and shunned by organizers and facilitators running this losing show. I was attacked daily for this.
My previous live stream channel recaiiskender2 on ustream is banned by ustream. Their reason is that I interviewed topless women in my videos. It is legal to do this but ustream itself is discriminating to close my channel to punish me for exclusively occupy videos.

Actually I livestreamed topless women protesters in the occupy area who fight for gender equality. Men can go shirtless but women get in trouble for doing that. Protest for gender equality is protected by first amendment freedom of speech.

So ustream took a few videos like this and banned my channel which has thousands of live occupy only videos. Nobody can see any of these occupy videos.

I looked at the ustream website and searched channels for “sex porn” and found a lot of channels dedicated to hard core porn . I took screenshot and published in my Facebook and twitter.

I asked support from my viewers in my current ustream channel recaiiskender3 everyday. I tried my FB and Twitter to fight this outrageous discrimination. Unfortunately I got only a few people to support me. I also tried occupy streamers Facebook group. Nobody really even cared. Except advising me to beg ustream for a favor.
I tried to talk the occupy guys in the ground, union square park. Nobody even cared except Matt who has occupyunionsq WordPress blog.
Then I saw this occupy twitter which has over 160,000 followers!

Can anybody help get support from this and other massive occupy social media platforms for my fight against this ustream discrimination and lift the ban on occupy videos please?

Here is this occupy twitter account with massive number of followers!



3 Responses to “Please support me against ustream discrimination! Pic…”

  1. Tasha Harris December 4, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    You posted this a while ago. What has the outcome been?

  2. suzy May 29, 2012 at 3:58 am #

    supported and shared

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