Warning to occupy livestreamers!

28 May

Warning to occupy livestreamers!
News shows that there is massive government program to spy and kill the occupy movement. 50% people in the occupy is working for government. This explains all donations theft, infighting, etc. Government wants to repress the occupy to force it to go wild and crazy. Government fabricates crime and dying to see blood, a lot of blood. Once occupy is wild it will be so easy to patholigize, criminalize and penalize under terrorism laws. This will create neccessary fear in the public. It is not only the government who wants to see blood, public also like to see violent action and blood. This well known tendency forces livestreamers to look for protest actions likely to go wild and have much more viewer attention than investigation into these facts. When livestreamers wait only for those hot actions and never mind about investigating the secret government plan, this caters to the sinister plan. Livestream should fight the sinister plan but not to cater to the plan. As I explained in my previous post livestream is the best tool to fight the corruption. Livestreamers must expose this government plan, but not to cater to it to get more popularity from blood thirsty viewers. I will do my best to show the secret plan regardless what consequences it might bring upon me. So please support this as before. Contact ustream to lift their discriminatory racist sexist ban on my previous channel recaiiskender2 . It is banned for interviewing topless women protesting gender inequality in toplessness. Same ustream allows sex porn in its site. Just search sex porn channels in its site to see it. I already published screenshots of its porn channels in my Facebook and twitter.

Another thing you can help is tell ustream to let me have autorecording in my livestream. Autorecording makes sure that my videos are saved and protected in my account if police confiscates my phone. It also saves me from manual uploading which stops my livestreaming.

I also apreciate a lot for any support for my expenses trying to livestream everyday. Love and peace.


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