Support livestreaming against corruption!

27 May

Our world is so corrupt. It decays alltogether. Everything in it is destroyed. What is the solution? Only way to reverse this corruption is total transparancy. Only tool which has a real chance of success is livestreaming. I demonstrate it everyday around 10 hours for last six months. I designed a camera holder contraption to endure long hours everyday of the week. You can see it in my profile picture in this blog. Livestreaming will be much more efficient and cheap in a very short time. Especially when it is hidden it has revolutionary social change. When all the world has it it will reverse the corruption. Occupy must support it better. Or else 1% and government will corrupt occupy too. News is already here that they make massive effort to spy and corrupt it. Historically 50% people in similar movements are working for government. Occupy must have same ratio too. That is why I experience a lot of reaction in my daily livestreaming efforts. I get attacked, blocked and abused in everyway you can imagine. Government spying and corruption hates livestreaming. They want to trap young kids by money, sex, comforts, care, etc and fabricate crimes and throw them into these. So they can show to world that occupy is too dangerous and violent and curropt. That is why they spy! To get the easy preys. That is why they hate livestreaming. Please join the livestreaming if you can. Or support it as a backup. Or share the cost of it a bit. This is the best way to fight the curroption. Please support it. Love and peace.


4 Responses to “Support livestreaming against corruption!”

  1. batman May 27, 2012 at 4:02 pm #
    We must all seize the airwaves. We must all show the world what we are standing for, and what we stand against. The media, and by media i mean television, print, music industry and motion picture, has an agenda; They seek to brainwash us all and pervert human nature into a more docile, pliable state. Its as in the Roman empire, they give us bread and circuses, blood and fear, and try to tame our spirit and blind our eyes. The media, including the so called news, seek to frame the conversation, to use alleged public opinion as a tool to churn out a planet of worker ants, slaves and consumers. OBEY AND CONSUME! The agenda is obvious, the methods insidious. They train us to conform, to fit in, and then tell us what what fitting in means, what ‘public opinion’ is that we need to conform to, They use our minds as clay, and they mold us with peer pressure, with protestant work ethics. Live streaming the truth, blogging the truth, but most importantly LIVING the truth is the way we will get the message out to a sleeping world.


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