Act like a grown person…

19 May

Hi, I am investigating the occupy from the beginning. I interview people on my livestream. I am in the unuion square park for the last 2 months or so. The usual numbers are 20 occupiers and 200 UN-occupier people in the union park for the last two months! The ratio is like 1 to 10.

There are 10 UN-Occupier homeless people sleeping overnight in the union. So far occupy never reached out to those homeless people.

If there are some very limited food and clothes donations they want to share it with the occupiers, excluding the UN-occupiers.

OWS does attack the 1% for the homelessness. It spent a tone of money to to travel and yell to the world leaders in Chicago. It cannot outreach to the most unfortunate in the park or anywhere but it can pour tones of money to the leaders. This is too bad behaviour. People are not blind. They see everything and this is the reason why we have this 1 to 10 ratio in any given day.

We must be change ourselves. We should stop pointing fingers to so called leaders. Our irresponsible behaviour legitimizes the so called leaders. We are fueling the belief that we cannot do anything except screaming like a child and expect everything from the leaders who pose like parents. Our attitude so far fueled this dependency. It caters to the reproduction of the system by some repairs. Once 1% is sure it has all the control everything will return to where it wants. Answer is to create a real alternative based on mutual aid and cooperation.

We should reach out to most unfortunate in the union and everywhere and prove that another world is possible. We can start learn how to feed people 24/7 with dumpster diving and save every penny to take care of the hungry and poor without discrimination. We must build another world we dream. We must prove it is possible right on the ground everywhere. We must change from screaming and crying baby to a grown person wbo knows how to build something massively better.


2 Responses to “Act like a grown person…”

  1. Roasted Coyote May 19, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    Recai, I saw this RT piece last night before going to sleep. it’s about a 20 minute video but at 6:45 minutes into the video I began to see something that really disturbed me. I researched a little and found where they are asking separate donations for this office but I remember the NYCGA funding a similar office just after the eviction of Zuccoti. What do you think of this RT video?

    • recai iskender May 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

      These organizers make Ows a propaganda and agitation for 1%. They take away donations and people from building an alternative, becoming the change, but looking to it as power to make changes. They want changes from 1%, they do not think that we can be the change, we can build another dream world. I am on the ground everyday for 6 months livestreaming, but they always refused to befriend me. They are 1% in the Ows.

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