Occupy Google Killer

28 Apr

Occupy Google Killer
1. Origin of Property: A mean guy tells to the people a certain land from this hill to that hill belongs to him and he kills anybody who try to use it to feed his starving family. The mean guy insists this is Gods will, otherwise it would never become possible.
2. Origin of Subjugation, Submission, Slavery and Hiararchy: As people begin starving they beg for access to the land. The mean guy asks their total submission and let them work for his wishes. People slave themselves just for food and survival. People start to establish an order of hiararchy and take their part in it according to their meanness capacity.
3. Origin of State: Mean guys take all over the world like that and slave people and use them against each other for more lands. Finally the meanest of the mean takes all over and declares himself a king. All he wants an army to protect this sytem. Sure he needs a flag and wars to establish his empire.
4. Origin of Religion and Education: They teach these concepts to people in their schools and houses of worship. So that system reproduces itself. Mean guys insist that this land grabbing and starving and slaving are Gods will, if you refuse you refuse God. You must be punished.
5. 1% Sucks, Occupy rocks! This mean system is based on robbery and violence. It reproduces crime in all corners of world. People are all dehumanized all the way. Greed and selfishness atomizes everybody. It started robbing peoples land and contines to hoard everything in the hands of a few and defend this crime with violence, force, and brainwashing. People get upset with this centralization of everything. 1% sucks dries the whole world. They go to China for cheaper labor. People lose their jobs and suffer alone. They want robots as robots are much better than any cheap labor. Everybody will lose jobs. 1% want more oil and draw attention to a war. They will take away peoples energy and hire everybody to fight another war for 1%. A war with Iran will skyrocket oil prices. Everybody will join the occupy. We share, care and live in solidarity. We will communize all the world like all free internet. We bring the unwated but safe food from the stores and share with the hungry. Same rule of communization applies to everything. We will spread with livestreams. When occupy builds a google killer which is not based on ad dollars we will win the war. Occupy google killer is free and gives you intelligent answer, short or long, but never 10 billions of search results. Not so hard. Occupy google killer will look at all 10 billion sites in less than a second and will inform you with a smart answer, short or long. However you want it. Then millions of people can link and watch and interact with the occupy livestreams in a second. Livestreams will be a 99 cents cheap and available to everybody. This is real alternative social globalization. As they use robots for profit we use same tech to communize. Occupy google killer will help communize every resource, software and hardware.


7 Responses to “Occupy Google Killer”

  1. WillDecker April 29, 2012 at 6:24 am #

    Testing to see if this works. I loved your interview with Brandon “Romania” Watts’ sister last night 4/28/12. Yes: He gets forced into lying by others who should not do that.

    There is a way to get to a “Sharing Caring” world without having to resort to something as radical as communization: I Think!
    Will Decker
    Norman, OK USA
    Email: wdecker2@cox.net
    Note: Riciali your or any other poster here on his website can email me. W

  2. TheBatman (@ItsBatmanSilly) April 28, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    information must be free! humanity must learn to share, care and most importantly stand up for their fellow humans! noone should profit at the expense of another, noone should have the right to legislate inequality. we are all humans deserving of equal rights and freedoms, no matter what category the machine tries to separate us into. love gives us power, caring is our obligation, humanity behaving humanely is our battle cry! we will bring the system down, and show the world what the power of the people can do!

  3. roastedcoyote April 28, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    Nature dictates that chaos follows order. Wall Street housing bubble brought the US economy to the brink of economic chaos but the government stepped in to prevent that. Of course the government had to prevent a collapse as they are part of the hyper order system. “Bubbles” have become the primary source of wealth creation in the US economy. We had the corporate raider bubble, the Dot Com bubble and the housing bubble. When government prevents chaos they prevent evolution of a better social and economic environment. The next bubble should be too much for the government to prevent.
    This idea of chaos and order can be applied to everything we see. Monsanto is a great example. I also see this principle in OWS. I see OWS trending towards chaos as we see more and more independent actions and even streamers. This leaves me hopeful that great changes are on the horizon. Much love. Roastedcoyote.

  4. roastedcoytoe April 28, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    Recai, your Ustream has opened my mind to the idea of anarchy. I looked into theory of chaos and order. I believe chaos and order are cyclical and lead to ever increasing evolution.
    When order becomes more efficient it is called hyper order. I believe Wall Street trading and banking have become hyper ordered through manipulation of government regulation and computer automated trading. This has become a super efficient hyper ordered system designed to extract wealth directly and indirectly from the global 99%. This can only lead to chaos as it leaves a scorched earth with nothing left to extract. (cont.)

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