Capital sucks, occupy rocks!

18 Apr

Capital sucks, occupy rocks! Anarchocomunism is alfeady sharing and caring in the internet. So future is here. Internet is future. Anarchocomunism is the future. When internet becomes a global mind we will have a global anarchocomunist occupy in the world. It will be no work and all free social life. Once we are in this new society harnessing a new energy like superlight or gravity force will be childs game. With this our planet will be saved and even repaired. We will also be travelling and living in new and better planets instantly. All will be free and we will care only for love and friendship. This is possible once the capitalism dies and anarchocomunism comes naturally. Capitalism is cannibalizing itself by automation. As more and more jobless people will start the occupy eventually we will all be unemployed and part of global occupy. We will be living in a global mind internet where all is sharing and caring for free. Capital sucks, occupy rocks!


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