Occupy is building the global commune.

5 Apr

Occupy is realizing the utopia for anarchocomunism. Commune of the dream is already here before our eyes being created by people everyday. I livestream and document it everyday. Most people do not see it. They espect change from the government. Even the NYCGA manifesto proposes to demand political changes from the congress or to form a third party to do that. The nycda does not see that commune is realizing right here in the Union Square everyday. All we have to do is growing our experience and encourage people to expand it to everywhere. We do not need government or elites to make changes. We make changes by the occupy naturally. We are not taking orders from anybody. We are doing everything to help each other, for solidarity. Nothing is for making money. That is enough to create a commune. This is the free zone rejecting the 1% domination and explotation. Occupy commune is alive under all kinds of assaults from the 1%. Commune includes the social rejects and criminals. They are bonding and changing and defending the commune with their skils. Only problem is campaign from 1% to destroy the commune. If they did not evict us on November 15, our numbers would be millions already. If they did not use infiltrators we would not have infighting. They infiltrated in ows to cut the food, cloths, resources, etc to alieniate the poor and divede the occupy into classes. All these assaults on us did not prevent our power to build the occupy commune to show the world that we can build a new world by expanding this commune to the world. The world becomes the occupy commune. Anarchocommunism is becoming a new world system. So we can protect the human race, the freedom, the earth and biosphere. We can create a new humane civilization utilizing the secret sciences the 1% is suppressing to hold their control on the world. We can create new technology to turn the endless space into anything to meet for human needs. All in solidarity and cooperation. It works same way as we get our food from the dumpster diving, our clothes and needs from people who have surplus. 1% wants us to think that this is not possible. Remember people didnot.know a world without classic slavery. Now people cannot believe a world without wage slavery is possible. A global commune is much better than what %1 gives us now.


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