Watch: 1% always divides and conquers

8 Mar

Watch: 1% always divides and conquers!!!
Do not let them take ows this time.
Yesterday at 6 pm, friends invited me to go to spokes council meeting the midtown area. I said why they meet there instead of meeting right here in the ows symbol zuccotti?
Then another friend invited me to eat food in the 60 wall street. I said why they go there to eat instead of eating in this symbol of ows zuccotti park. This would be great time to eat and meet with friends in this great park. I.told them that this is how 1% divides the ows and conquers it. Just because of this division example, zuccotti was almost empty and middle class people who came to connect and support the ows was so.upset to see that zuccotti is empty. People feel upset and lost and give up bringing and sending donations for ows.
Please stop 1% dividing and conquering ows and do something to unite our resources in the symbol zuccotti park.


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