Today was very warm and

8 Mar

Today was very warm and people had no excuse not to come to the cools event in the symbol zuccotti park. GA, spokes and working groups have no excuse to avoid the zuccotti, but still take all resources from the ows movement. It is warm now. They have no excuse to have meetings and activities away from it. Please do not get in the the ancient old 1% trap to divide and conquer the humanity. Just do your stuff peacefully in the zuccotti and encourage 99% to join the movement to create the pressure to change the inhuman 1% system on us.
Today, police was so repressive on the cools people they stopped feeding the poor on the walkway. Then they arrested ten people since 1am today for nothing. They body slammed me and another film maker lady for just live streaming. Same police did encourage a guy to harrass so many protester inside the park. Police has a rule to bodyslam and arrest occupiers just to discourage them from protesting and encouraging saboteurs to attack peaceful protesters. Recently one passing saboteur assaulted me and slammed my livestream camera right infront of the watching police and police never cared my complaints and then the saboteur hand shaked and thanked the same police on my camera. All shameless provocation on peaceful ows.
It is absurd to claim that all occupiers are same while the cools organizers go under pressure to organize in the zuccotti while other people take away resources from the ows. Please stay away from 1% divide and conquer trap for the ows.
Happy occupies everyone.


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