Please extend the COOLS

7 Mar

Please extend the COOLS events
Unicormed police arrests and brutalize occupiers according to the order of Mayor Bloomberg to kill the occupy movement in the Zuccotti Park which is well known symbol of the OWS movement. So that people stay away from the Zuccotti.
What about the undercover police? They also work towards to kill the movement. They sneak in the General Assembly, spokes council, working groups, etc to take away donated resources from the symbol Zuccotti. They cut the food, clothes, metro cards, books and activists away from the Zuccotti. We cannot prove who are undercover but we can always support efforts to bring the resources back to the Zuccotti in order to bring back the OWS. This will also ensure that OWS will become many more times better and bigger in the coming warm seasons. So stop fighting who is real occupier who is fake occupier and just bring it back. COOLS is super good from noon to 2pm and we should bring more and better food and stretch the time into night. This will also support 24/7 hardcore occupiers who are starved and abused by cops. Please bring our movement back. I want to thank Eric and all friends for making this cools event possible. We must extent it to back the ows.


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