Please do not hurt the real occupiers…

7 Mar

Please do not hurt the real occupiers?
Uniformed police was active yesterday in Zuccotti Park. You can watch my livestream recordings to see what they did by just Googling ustream recai iskender.
1. They intimidated and removed the peaceful drums from the sidewalk.
2. They arested and roughed one guy who was feeding the poor in the same area.
3. They.arrested one guy for telling the police that he.knows his civil rights.
4. They hassled and removed information stuff from Rich even though he was in his usual assigned spot.
5. They body slammed one woman by grabbing her around breast area while she was peacefully asking a question about the arrests and then they intimidated her and other people later.
This is done visible uniformed police before several streaming cameras.
But much worse than above was done by the undercover police in our decision making general assembly, spokes council and working groups etc. They have unlimited undercovers to outnumber the well-meaning occupy wall street supporter in these bodies. As nobody is required to prove identity and background agents just walk in and outnumber the true supporters easily and everytime. Undercovers made decisions from the beginning to abonden the real occupiers who still occupy in the Zuccotti Park in a 24/5 shift. These true occupiers are abondened and left alone and defenseless in there in front of the same uniformed police. They get harrassment and intimidation on a daily basis. Police almost arrested me myself just because I was alone livestreaming there. Undercovers argue that this is not a handout charity, so if you are true occupier in the Zuccotti Park, you must come with your own means. But yet so much money and other donations given just for these true occupiers were misused in so many areas. They took away all the resources and activities away from the Zuccotti Park just to abandon the real occupiers and empty it as the symbol of the OWS. So that general public finds an empty park feel that OWS is over or lost its support from the 99%. If we didnot have this undercover operation we could support hundreds of occupiers on a daily basisi even in the snowstorms. This kind of organization would help us to have hundreds of bigger and better OWS in the warm season to change the system for better. We must prove that our.assembly is better than congress and we can change the 1% system. In the congress we know who votes for what, but in our ows assembly there is no such way of knowing this. So only way to overcome the undercover infiltration is to put 100% support to the real occupiers in the Zuccotti and support them with our all people and power.


2 Responses to “Please do not hurt the real occupiers…”

  1. recai iskender March 7, 2012 at 2:13 am #

    Wall streeti toparlamak icin gereken hareket burada. Kimsenin gucu halka yetmez. Burayi halledince sira Turkiyede. Savul %1 %99 geliyor.


  1. Turning Toward Solutions / Στροφή προς λύσεις [Ελληνικά, English] | Const4ntino's Free Zone - March 16, 2012

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