Bloomberg-New York Post hitman attacks me

4 Nov

Deranged homeless man goes on violent rampage in Zuccotti Park By KEVIN FASICK Last Updated: 11:13 AM, November 4, 2011 This is the new face of Zuccotti Park! A deranged homeless man who has been squatting among the Occupy Wall Street protesters in lower Manhattan went on a violent, early-morning rampage yesterday, cursing incoherently and kicking down tents. The only thing that could stop Jeremy Clinch from his Godzilla-like rampage was a left hook to the face delivered by a paranoid fellow protester who claimed to be an ex-Turkish diplomat –and charged that his assailant was carrying out a plot hatched by Mayor Bloomberg. “I’ve been here from Day One! I haven’t got a tent!” the Cleveland-native Clinch shrieked as he furiously kicked down tents onto sleeping protesters at about 8 a.m. “I’ve been here for three months, and I haven’t been able to sleep!” the out-of-his-head Clinch screamed. VIDEOS: ZUCCOTTI PARK NO LONGER PEACEFUL OWS SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIM SPEAKS It was just the type of increasingly violent incident that has downtown residents –already bombarded by megaphones, incessant drumming, graffiti and public urination –feeling on edge as the OWS takeover of Zuccotti Park enters its third month. “You want to fight? You want to get f–ked up? Let’s get it on! Let’s get it on!” Clinch ranted. The unhinged vagrant then put the boot to the wrong man –Recai “Rocky” Iskender, 48, of Cliffside Park, NJ, as he slept in his tent. DETENTION FOR ‘ROWDY’ TEACHER SACHS AND SEX ADD TO INSANITY PROTESTERS: HELL, NO, WE WON’T COP A PLEA! Iskender, who on his Facebook page calls himself a career diplomat for his native Turkey and says he lost 20 pounds on a six-day hunger strike in the protest, leaped from his tent and hurled a plastic water jug at Clinch. The enraged Turk then lunged at his stunned assailant, nailing him with a punch that knocked him backward on the pavement. Clinch –whom other protesters described as mentally ill and “off his meds” –dropped to the sidewalk as the hulking Iskender stood over him glowering. PRESSURE COOKER POPS IN OAKLAND RICH LOWRY: IT’LL ONLY GET UGLIER CHARLES C.W. COOKE: IN NEW YORK, THE ENABLERS WAKE UP EDITORIAL: CALL THE COPS, MIKE OWS medical volunteer Eric Carter, 30, intervened, helping Clinch to his feet and leading him away as other protesters declined a cop’s offer of assistance. In a bizarre rant after the dust settled, Iskender told The Post that Clinch “is a police agent.” “He is a Bloomberg agent, disturbing and disrupting the protest,” said Iskender, who after the fight donned a message board that read, “USA-Turk Army Ended My Diplomatic Career 6 Times,” and also charged that “AC Tropicana Casino Robbed My $30K Pay For My Driving Job.” Bloomberg, Iskender ranted, “does everything” and is controlling what happens at the park. “This is Bloomberg,” he said, pointing at cops. “[The] Bloomberg police machine. [The] police state finds those guys to infiltrate, to disrupt it. That’s what Bloomberg wants.” Carter, an EMT from Washington, DC, who has been at Zuccotti Park for six weeks, said fights between wackos are far from uncommon. “It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last time it happens,” Carter said. Chris Guerra, 27, an artist from Newark who runs the info booth on the west side of the park, said Clinch was a familiar face. “He’s been here since the beginning. I think he’s bipolar. Sometimes he’s happy. Other times he’s angry. It was a crazy guy trying to wake everyone up. But he woke up the wrong bear this morning. He’s not all there,” he said. Additional reporting by Frank Rosario, Bob Fredericks and Wilson Dizard N


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