Our hunger strike is growing…

19 Oct

From Gang Liu gang.liu.1989@gmail.com http://mainstreet-wallstreet.blogspot.com http://mainstreet-wallstreet.blogspot.com/2011/ 10/99-hunger-strike-relay-clean-up-wall.html#!/ 2011/10/99-hunger-strike-relay-clean-up-wall.html99% Hunger Strike

Relay: Clean up the Wall Street! On October 19th, 2011, it comes the 33 day for occupy wall street movement. The hunger strike initiated by Recai Iskender, a Turkish dissident, has been 5 days now. The Hunger Strike becomes a relay, while more people would join the Hunger Strike at the Zuccotti park which is OWS location. Here is our

Statement for the Hunger Strike.

We are 99 percent,We are so mercifully bailed out 1 percent! We are occupying the Wall Street.It is our street! We are here to start the Hunger Strike,We are cleaning up ourselves through fast! We ask Wall Street to clean up yourself first! We urge Wall Street to return our principal + interest! It is time for Wall Street to show mercy and kindness! It is time for 1% to bail out 99 percent! It is time for Wall Street to stop corrupting governments and starving peoples. It is time for 1% to stop to cooperate with Communist dictators. !Don’t be Evil like the Chinese Communist dictatorship. You will be toasted in the hunger strike! Don’t be greedy like the Chinese dictatorship. You will be torn down by the 99 percent!

For those who want to join our hunger strike at Zuccotti park, please contact us:Recai Iskender: traderrocky2010@gmail.com
Gang Liu: gang.liu.1989@gmail.com
Xiamin Zeng: ask4un@gmail.com
Sarah Meunier: sjmeunit@gmail.com
Plese visit our website:http:/ /jasmine-action.blogspot.com/ (Chinese, 中 文)http://mainstreet-wallstreet.blogspot.com/ (English)


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