Tear down this wall… Yikin bu duvari…

14 Oct

Tear down thıs wall

Wall Street Robber Barons are only 1 %. They make profits from the blood and misery of the 99%. They deceive, divide and rule the 99% into camps like East and West, Right and Left, Secular and Religious, etc.They divided Turkey like they did to the world.

I am personally victim of the 1980 Turkish military dictatorship. Robber Barons used Turkish generals to start a civil war situation and then took over the civilian government and destroyed brain power of Turkey under Orwellian Dictatorship. All Turkey is traumatized. They blacklisted me for my lifetime in a sneaky total secrecy to prevent my defense for my human rights. Now, I realized this sinister blacklisting and put the puzzle pieces in their place.

1-I had to wait 17 years from 1983 till 2000 to get my passport.

2-They refused to honor my highest scores for the 8 months military service from August 1987 till April 1988 and never allowed me to use my military rank colors and title until the end of my service and humiliated and targeted and false charged and tried and jailed me as part of this secret military blacklisting program.

3-I entered in the Foreign Ministry of Turkey on December 22, 1986 as career diplomat candidate eventually to become an ambassador. First, my superiors tried to convince me to leave my career diplomat position voluntarily with arguments like somebody with very high qualities like me should not be wasted in the mundane and un-awarding diplomatic career. My superiors hotly tried to persuade me to join the corporate world. As I reacted by saying I was perfect material for diplomacy and I had great plans to change the world better and work for peace, they turned against me openly and declared me as a failure and terminated my status. As I retook my status by legal action then they repeated their terminations. They never respected my legal victories to work as a career diplomat. Military regime swore to eradicate my diplomatic career.

4-1982 military constitution is still in force and all security archives of the military regime are still top-secret. There is no way of getting justice and use of basic civil rights under that constitution. I was denied justice and making peaceful protests. I was almost killed by police, arrested and threatened with death.

Make 99% and 1% into 100%. Punish crimes against humanity. Build Quantum Computer for Quantum Democracy to reach total freedom,  peace and happiness…

Contact: Facebook Recai Iskender , Blogsite:  watson4president.wordpress.com, Email:traderrocky2010@gmail.com, Cell:201-328-2406


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