Hang the Wall Street Super Junta with all dictatorships…

10 Oct

Hang the Wall Street Super Junta

Wall Street robber barons capitalist oligarchs always used divide and rule strategy to enslave humanity to make more profit. They divide the people and pit them against each other everywhere around the world. Wall Street is responsible all the mess we have here in the USA and around the world. Wall Street is colluding and enslaving all peoples around the world. Wall Street is only 1 % population which is enslaving and starving the 99 % population of the world. Wall Street follows the infamous Jay Gould rule. They hire the half of the population to kill the other half of the population. Wall Street follows the ancient principle of divide and rule.

I am personally victim of the 1980 Turkish military junta which was financed by the Wall Street like all other juntas. Secret armies staged strategy of terror and civil war to divide Turkey into right and left camps in order to take over the civilian government. Their terror campaign resulted in closure of my top class free boarding education in Haydarpasa high school in Istanbul. This forced me to go back to my rural home town high school losing most of my hope for future. This divide and rule strategy put me against my new high school headmaster who was promoted by for his left-wing belief by the then ruling left-wing government. He forced me to make an official statement of my opinion saying he was protecting communists and persecuting anti-communists. He got me expelled from my high school by claiming this is an insult to a school official. He also got me six months jail time for my written statement without any chance of lawyer or even appeals. But later, the right-wing took the government which let me finish my high school where I hit the test scores to study in the Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences which was all left-wing. Due to my court conviction, I was afraid to go to my college which was all left-wing camp. Soon the military junta took over the right-wing government on September 12, 1980. So I could start my education in my college which really made me so happy about the military junta. I never realized that I was secretly blacklisted by all-powerful military junta to be targeted and destroyed all my life.

1-The Junta refused to issue me a passport 17 years from 1983 till 2000. Passport officers were so secretive and deceptive that I never realized I was blacklisted for my life.

2-The military declared void and null my successful exam result after military training course during my mandatory 8-month long military service in 1987. My officers were so secretive and deceptive that again I never realized I was blacklisted for my life.

3-I entered in the Foreign Ministry of Turkey on December 22, 1986 as career diplomat candidate eventually to become an ambassador. First, my superiors tried to send me to private corporations by toadying me with words like you are too high quality for the diplomatic bureaucracy, you can rule the corporate world, etc. As I reacted by saying I had great plans to change the world and bring peace, they declared me as a failure and terminated my status. As I retook my status by legal action then they repeated their terminations until I came to the U.S.  

We must forbid Wall Street from politics, hang all junta around the world including Turkey, support all democracies around the world, stop all wars around the world, democratize the U.N. immediately, open  security archives fully, compensate all victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity. We must build a mega super powerful quantum computer to empower each and every 7 billion human being to establish the Quantum Democracy in a Quantum Society

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